Gender in CS

One of the non-technical areas of Computer Science that fascinates me is the relative homogeneity of its practitioners.   No one seems to really know why so few women and minorities are attracted to computer science.

As someone who loves trying to answer unsolved questions, I've done considerable research into why, exactly, women in particular don't go into computer-related disciplines.  To that end, I co-founded a club, Women Involved in Software and Hardware (WISH) in 2007, wrote a paper analyzing the ethics of clubs for women in computer science, and am doing original research involving women in the Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering departments at Cal Poly.

Research/Ethics Paper
I hope you find this interesting as I do!  This page houses my CSC 300 paper "An Ethical Analysis of Clubs for Women in Computer Science", as well as all the CalPoly-specific data I compiled while researching for said paper.  (CSC 300 is Professional Responsibilities, a.k.a Computer Science Ethics)

Women Involved In Software and Hardware
WISH has a wonderful website, and a facebook group