LEC Personal Learning Goal

I am taking this online course to satisfy the requirements for the CUE Innovative Educator Certificate through Fresno Pacific University. This ePortfolio serves as a means of providing evidence of completion of the learning objectives to be certified to teach in an online or blended learning environment. It is my intention to learn and grow as an educator as I endeavor to pursue best practices for teaching and learning with technology. My goal is to incorporate innovative technology in meaningful ways that guide students to become independent learners. I also intend to use what I learn to help encourage and support other teachers to incorporate tech into their classroom. 

The results of my Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire indicated that I am self-directed, have good study habits, and the necessary technology skills and computer equipment capabilities to be successful in an online course. One of the reasons I enjoy taking online classes is due to the flexibility of making my own schedule. Overall, I am good at following directions, checking the rubric(s) often to make sure to meet all benchmarks, and setting up a timeline for getting assignments done and turned in on time. I enjoy interacting with people online and learning from others. I hope the connections I make with other educators through these classes continue beyond the program.

About Jennifer Diaz
Sixth grade teacher and life-long learner. I have a M.S. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and a B.S in Child and Adolescent Development. Currently a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and working on becoming a CUE Innovative Educator. My educational interests are Differentiated Instruction and Integrating Technology. Thanks for visiting this ePortfolio.

Please explore the following site about how to create a high-quality portfolio in Google Sites: Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites < http://electronicportfolios.org> by Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.