Alison Conklin Photography 


Despite the fact that FI is stationed in TX, we were able to meet with a lot of photographers over a few weekends.  We decided to go with Alison Conklin Photography and we are so glad we did! Alison is so incredibly talented.  She has a photojournalistic style - which we love - and she is so creative!  For our engagement session, we ran around the city of Philadelphia and hopped cabs taking photos at waterworks, Art Museum, City Hall, Love Park, and a gelato shop. It was so fun and Alison is such a talented photographer and genuinely great person!  Here are some pictures from our engagement session in Philly:

Engagement Coffeetable Album  (I made this on mypublisher) 


We're famous.....kind of!!!  One of our engagement photos was selected to be featured in Brides Philadelphia Magazine for an article about Philadelphia themed invitations!!!  It is really tiny and you have to reeeeally look for it, but I still bought a bunch of copies for family and myself!!  It's on stands through the Spring and Summer of 2008!