Hair Trial

 I booked with Heather from A to Z hair.  She is awesome!  She's coming to my house the morning of the wedding to do my hair.  The back wil be more rounded and puffed out.  The flowers will be in for the reception only (after I take off my cathedral length veil).  The flowers in the pics are cheesy ones from Target.  I just wanted to get an idea of what they would look like.



Yes, I bought my shoes before my dress.  I am such a shoe girl and I often base my outfits on my shoes, so FI was not surprised when I told him I bought my shoes before my dress.  I searched all over and knew I wanted a peep-toe white satin heel with some sort of rhinestone or crystal embellishment (the heel can't be too high either because I don't want to tower over my dad...FI is way tall, so he's ok).  I fell in love with these shoes and the best part is, the style name is VAL, which is my mom's name :)


We have our rings!!!  I really love mine and it links in perfectly with my e-ring! (please excuse the pic....I still can't take good ring pictures!)




 BM dresses:

So I decided to have all BMs wear same dress and for MOH to have a different dress (Both from Saison Blanche).  This is the dress that my BMs will wear (all black and will be altered to knee-length):


MOH (My sister) will wear a different dress (all black and will be knee-length):