JEMSS is a Colorado LLC chartered to be a Crowdfunding Portal/Platform.  The SEC has to approve the final regulatory and operating rules so the site cannot officially launch until then and no solicitation can occur before then.

The portal will be unique such that it will focus on Colorado services and products.  Portfolio focus: Robotics, Analytics, and Investment Management.

The model will leverage Facebook and other mobile tools and have interfaces to Salesforce and ExactTarget for a complete Sales/Marketing platform.  Financial integration will occur with Workday.  For analytics, Hadoop will be used and the platform will run out of Azure.

Beta testers are testing the current platform.

Several technology practices and services have resulted from the platform including: 1) Social - LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook API Integrations along the social graphs, 2) Mobile - Android, iOS, and Titanium Practices, 3) Analytics - Hadoop-driven data visualization and transformation, 4) Cloud - Azure and AWS cloud interconnect models.

In the end, the entire Crowdfunding platform will be turned over to the Open Source community in 1Q2014 so that the tools can be used by others in regional communities.  The licensing will be under MIT or Apache Copyleft  and run under Github.

Launch URL: http://YouCrowdFund.co
Twitter Tag: #MadeInCo

So, spread the word. 

If you need additional info: steve@jemss.co


8/16/2014 - JEMSS to leverage the CUOnline.CO Platform for Investor Education 

5/10/2014 - Microcap Trend Watch tool launched on Salesforce AppExchange - OTC (Pink Sheets) and OTCBB Support - Trade Fraud protection - Launches: 6/20/2014

5/3/2014 - SEC Crowdfunding Comments and Pilot Beta Portal - 
SEC Comment - JEMSS

1/20/2014 - JEMSS to fund Salesforce Grant and Scholarships for Adults in Transition

1/16/2014 - Elijah J. from Cresthill Middle School - Winner of JEMSS STEAM 4Q2013 Scholarship - Well Done 

11/7/2013 - JEMSS announces investment in Agile Salesforce (http://agilesalesforce.com) to support 400% growth in 2014 and Canadian expansion

10/22/2013 - Crowdfunding platform to be Opensourced in January in GitHub under MIT license

10/1/2013 - JEMSS to launch on 12/24/2013 for INTERNAL Corporate Crowdfunding 

9/18/2013 - SEC has asked to hold on any solicitations while rules are finalized - 4Q2013 expected publication for comment - 2014 - SEC to rule incrementally - SEC Crowdfunding Guidance

8/8/2013 - Angel funding (Round 2) announced for JEMSS to support launch and pre-revenue needs through 2014

7/6/2013 - Launching the IROC 2013 - International Robotics Olympiad Official mobile app at the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and the Amazon Store on 9/1/2013.  Check Back.

5/9/2013 - Data visualization with R and Big Data support with Amazon RedShift and Azure Hadoop in Beta

4/2/2013 - JEMSS becomes FIRST sponsor for the 15th Annual IRO being held in Denver in December, 2013 - http://iroc2013.org

3/7/2013 - JEMSS joins the Salesforce Partner, Amazon AWS Cloud and Data Partner, Apple Developer/VAR Partner, and Microsoft Cloud Partner programs

2/8/2013 - Facebook Parse platform to power JEMSS

1/3/2013 - Angel funding (Round 1) announced to cover 2013 financial needs and pre-revenue development