Student Success Skills - Lesson Plan - Session 1

  1. Draw logo on board and discuss
    1. Caring and supportive group.  Only “put-ups”, not “put-downs”
    2. Skills for school work and friendship.
    3. Sharing successes.  Increasing confidence.
  2. Pictionary or Partner Get-to-know you and Introductions
    1. Students find a partner and share about themselves (elementary school, favorite food, favorite music, favorite sport, family, etc.)
    2. Partner introduces other student in front of the group.
  3. Group Agreement:
    1. When others are talking, I will listen with my eyes, ears, and heart.
    2. I will respect the opinions of others, even if I disagree. Put ups!
    3. What I say and others say, stays in this room.
    4. I can “pass” during group.
  4. Purpose of Group
    1. 5 Focus:

                                               i.     Setting goals and making plans to reach goals.

                                             ii.     Building on our strengths, practicing new skills, get good coaching and feedback.

                                            iii.     Sharing successes and improvements, even if small, and encouraging ourselves and others.

                                            iv.     Getting better at brainstorming how to solve problems and remove blocks that keep us from setting goals.

                                             v.     Challenging ourselves to reach higher and working on our balance so we will have the energy and positive attitudes to keep us motivated. 

  1. Four key concepts aimed at helping students to stay encouraged and optimistic as they try out new skills.
    1. Kaizen (Japanese): Recognizing small and continuous improvements as you work towards reaching goals. 
    2. Imagine (visualize) themselves as being successful.
    3. Reframe negative thoughts using prompts such as “That’s not like me to…, I’m usually more…” and “Un until now…, but from now on…”
    4. Keep Kool Tunes: Divert negative thoughts and increase mood and energy with music lyrics.  Students bring in music lyrics to positive songs. 
  2. Seven Keys to Course Mastery:
    1. Review worksheet with students.