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  • Information Surfaces About After-Life!
    Hello Syrupians of the world.  After months and months of studying scripture in the Temple of Corn Syrup we have successfully translated some scripture (from its original Martian and Gaelic) and interpreted segments of it that have given new light in to the after-life of a true believer.  The information you are seeking is lying a click away behind this magical text.  This news might come as a surprise to many of you.  In these times of change and insanity I encourage you to embrace your brethren (and sistren) and comfort one another.  This is the press of Jemima, for to people of Jemima, thanks be to Jemima!  In other news, we added a new member to the Leadership Council!  He is yet to feel comfortable enough to share a biographical page with you fine folks, so I encourage you all to welcome and greet-with-open-arms Cameron Thurman!  Cameron joins us from the far away land of La-La where he spent most of his time insisting he was in-fact a hobo from Detroit in the year 1904 named Wilbert Jay-Z Amaredo Smith Tribeca Impreza "Bootylicious-Bubble-Gum" Picaso.  Cameron found himself through Jemima and has since been appointed to be our Head Choir-Boy and Keeper of the Gospels.  Cameron has also been discovered to be a prophet sent by Jemima, though his visions are yet to be translated.  Thanks for your time, May Jemima be with you!  As always remember to "Eat a Better Breakfast".

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    Posted Dec 10, 2013, 7:57 PM by Adam Dent
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