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Ransom for a Fairy

posted Dec 14, 2014, 6:02 PM by J Norton
For some years now I have been telling my granddaughters the adventures of Norman and Harold, two unicorn brothers, who each year enlist their help in solving a problem which afflicts one inhabitant or other of the Magic Garden at the top of the Grassy Steps.

So far we have four or five adventures, for the children have to be old enough to comprehend the idea of magic, and yet still young enough to believe in all the tales told to them by adults. The unicorns live in the Magic Garden through the Golden Gates which stand at top of the Grassy Steps, which can be accessed in several ways, the chief of which is to believe in the possibility of wonder.

This year we are half way through the adventure of Hilda and the Pirates. Hilda is the resident fairy. She lives in the fairy stone, and concerns herself with keeping everybody she knows happy, but her especial care is of small birds, and tiny woodland creatures. She is a very hardworking and can be gone for considerable lengths of time, for as everybody knows if you want something done you ask a busy fairy. Things started to go wrong some weeks back, when Hilda went missing.

And then came the dreadful news, as ever, via the Advent Calendar, from Norman and Harold, who leave messages each day in the pockets, with clues to where sweeties and small gifts might be found, that it was rumoured Hilda had been kidnapped by gnomes and sold on to Pirates, who were demanding a ransom for her release. These last few days have been concerned with gathering together as much ransom as we can find, for how could any of us leave Hilda to the fate of having to cook and clean for a boat full of rowdy pirates, and who would feed and tend the small birds?

This task meantime has fallen to my granddaughters, who have enjoyed seeing the arrival of the assorted finches, tits and sparrows each day, as well as gathering together as much gold and precious jewels as could be found to secure Hilda's release. The crunch came when I suggested they should add their new Frozen necklaces, which Norman and Harold left as a gift, to the ransom, which they were not inclined to do, as they are much prized. The story of the two sister princesses very much appeals to them, and they entered into the trials and tribulations of the pair with the enthusiasm of six year olds, but the sacrifice of prized necklaces is it would seem, another kettle of fish.

Luckily their grandfather, stepped into the breech, offering some cuff links and we have finally gathered together the ransom, and are awaiting further instructions as to their disposal. How will it all be resolved? Hopefully happily, and in time for Christmas Day, as is Harold and Norman's won’t and Hilda will be back safe and sound in her fairy stone.