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Autumn Sunshine

posted Oct 13, 2014, 2:25 PM by J Norton
It has been a busy few months. There always seems so much to do...until it occurred to me that the older one gets the longer everything takes. 

The summer holidays passed in a whirl of catch-up gardening, as we trained the new gardener to our methods. We were accompanied by my granddaughters who were finally going from being proficient swimmers in the pool to being totally at home, bordering on a downright nuisances to those who have never enjoyed being splashed by children who feel leaping in off of the side of the pool is a must-do occupation. They did it to such excess that a friend took a photo of them both appearing to be in flight, side by side as twins always seem to be, looking for the world like two birds taking off for the warmer climes of Africa.

Then, no sooner were they packed back off to school than our holiday came along, our annual trip to Cornwall. There it was quieter where we could  admire the magnificent scenery and enjoy the quiet beaches, as is our want, in the (fortunately) warm, autumn sunshine.

With less people it was possible to go to the relevant places for the next book and to walk the old streets of the ancient ports and towns without crowding, and discover again the topography of towns and villages I have known for so many years. Although occasionally, it was a bit of a puzzle where town planners had been let loose with their ideas on traffic flows, it was then a joy to find I hadn't imagined the very long street which made up the centre of Bodmin from my childhood, for there it was again (once we'd negotiated the ring roads and car parks).

It was easier to observe how the tides came in onto lonely beaches, even with the resident surfers, for although I have seen them many times before, to remember which location has which sort of peculiarity often escapes me. Definitely a case of familiarity breeding a different memory.

We were lucky with the weather, and it has been a beautiful autumn. We were able to linger in the beach side cafés, recognising how the recent revolution in cooking has been greatly to the advantage of the population so that it is often possible to get really excellent food at the tiniest of cafés. So we spent time sitting in the autumnal sun, lingering over simple but expertly-prepared dishes, before strolling on the beach to walk off the calories...then realise that the tides seem to come in swifter these days and having to scramble back over rocks to the car then back to the hotel to sleep the sleep of the well-fed and well-exercised.