Researching the Restoration

Note: These titles were collected over a period of 30-35 years, so not all may still be in print, although I am sure they are available online, in libraries, or from used book stores.


If anyone really wants to understand the Restoration, a basic knowledge of the English Civil War is a good start.  This book is an excellent resource:

By the Sword Divided: Eyewitness Accounts of the English Civil War

by John Adair

ISBN: 0750918586



1. The Diary of Samuel Peyps


- This is a good resource:

- The full text of the book is available through Google Books.

2. The Restoration by Ronald Hutton

-       It may be expensive, but it is excellent.

3. Charles II
by Michael Gibson


These books are more general, with only a chapter or two about the relevant period, although "The Weaker Vessel" by Antonia Fraser is excellent overview of the 17th century.

4. Domestic Life in England by Nora Lofts

5. Marriage and Love by Alan Mac Farlane

-       Amazon USA

-       Google Books

6. The English Country Woman by George Edwin Fussel and D K Fussel

- Amazon USA

 7.  A Woman's Work Is Never Done by Caroline Davidson

-       Google Books

-       Amazon USA

8. The  Weaker Vessel by Lady Antonia Fraser