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A place in the garden should always be reserved for the Onion. They are used the world over as a cure for a long list of complaints. The Onion may be eaten raw or added to a host of different dishes. Whichever way it is eaten it aids the health. Particularly useful for the heart and lungs, it is a useful addition to the diet for sufferers of angina and related conditions. Over the years it has been praised for ailments such as coughs and colds. It is a known natural antibiotic and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. The Onion helps in the prevention of tooth decay and oral types of infections.



No herb or healing garden would be complete without a small Parsley patch. As Parsley is an annual it needs to be replaced each year, although occasionally in mild winters the plant may continue growing through the following year. The green leaves are a 'vitamin bottle' in their own right and also contain iron. They can be added to soups, salads, meat pies, sauces, curries, pastas, in fact the list is endless. Parsley aids digestion and helps flatulence and is a known diuretic. The root can be used for cystitis and rheumatics.

*Although Parsley seeds can be ingested, they are stronger than other parts of the plant and therefore best avoided as too many are poisonous to the body. The seeds should never be used during pregnancy or if suffering from medical conditions such as kidney disease not even in tiny doses.



The Quince tree is often placed against a garden wall or fence. It produces a fruit which has been known through the ages as the Quince Apple. The juice from the unripened fruit may be used as a gargle or mouthwash and for the treatment of mouth ulcers, sore gums and throats. It is helpful in the treatment of diarrhoea both in adults and children. Quince jellycan be made from the ripened fruit and is helpful for the digestion.