Nature's gifts of health

It  is always useful to remember that remedies that work wonderfully for one person may not necessarily work well for someone else.


Common Healing Plants in the garden that are easy to grow and simple to use


Simple garden herbs are available from most garden centres.

Alternatively many can be grown from seeds.

Mint will root readily if a stem or two is stored in a small vase of water.


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If you have a health problem it is important to see a health practitioner, never assume that you have sufficient knowledge to self-diagnose. If you are taking medication then it is wise to seek medical advice before using herbs, spices or other forms of natural remedies.

Health and happiness are the two most important things in life. So why not set up your own cottage garden patch of healing plants. They can be planted in amongst border plants or as a separate part of the garden dedicated specifically to healing plants. It is important to carefully label plants so that they can be easily identified.

*Never rely upon memory when trying to identify or use healing plants. It is important to be certain what a plant is, which parts of the plant are required and the quantities needed for safe use.

As when consuming most new things, it is best to treat new herbs with caution try a small amount and if an adverse reaction is experienced then it is best to avoid that particular herb. Always seek medical advice if experiencing difficulties after consuming herbs or any other food substance.