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Asparagus is a hardy perennial.  It is a useful plant for treating urine infections such as cystitis. Is also used for the treatment of rheumatic ailments. Parts of the plant that are useful are the shoots or tips, which grow each spring and the roots.

To make an infusion, take tender parts of the root and chop until there is a quantity of two teaspoonfuls into a small saucepan and add one cupful of  water - bring to the boil and simmer gently for ten minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and strain off the liquid (you may sweeten with one teaspoonful of clear honey if preferred). Dilute the mixture - one tablespoon of liquid into half a tumbler of water. Drink twice per day for four to five days only.

*Asparagus cures are best be avoided if a person suffers with kidney problems. 



 Basil is an annual herb, occasionally lasting for two years. Useful as an insect repellant and rubbing basil leaves onto affected areas often brings relief to insect stings and bites. Can be added to salads, soups, etc - use leaves and flowers. Is noted for its aid in the relief of flatulence, aiding digestion, relieving stomach aches, helping sleep problems and anxieties. Increases the production of breast milk.

*Never consume the essential oil of Basil.