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25/05/2006 TrackMania continued
23/05/2006 TrackMania stuff
25/04/2006 Defcon Beta tests started
24/04/2006 SIM-UNlock software
24/04/2006 Windowblinds in a nutshell
24/04/2006 First files coming up
24/04/2006 Moved here!


SIM-UNlocker (calculator, IMEI)
SIM-UNlocker (datacable)
Windowblinds 5 Enhanced (incl Crack)
60 skins for Windowblinds (RapidShare)
TrackMania Nations
Portbale Firefox


Cracking Windowblinds 5 Enhanced
Stealthy Internet Use Guide (txt)


TrackMania Nations Home
Electronic Sports World Cup

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Featured WB5 Skin

More information on Windowblinds

TrackMania Crusade

Part IV - Hunt for Serenity

News on TrackMania
My TrackMania Tracks

25/05/2006 TrackMania continued

I found out my schedule is getting quite full in the coming weeks, so I've decided not to put up guides, but merely screenshots. Downloads of my tracks are available upon request, as well as replays for the tracks. My TrackMania Page is up here now, and a new part has been added to the sidebar, which shows my latest creation.

23/05/2006 TrackMania stuff

One of the most revolutionary game in the racing world is undoubtedly TrackMania Sunrise. This game is part of a trilogy (at least, that's what it is now) named Trackmania. The old game has been renovated and has been re-released, now based on the Sunrise engine. TrackMania Nations is the latest FREE version of the game, especially designed for the Electronic Sports World Cup, the finals of which 2006 edition are being held end June. I just wanted to introduce the game on this site. Links in the new Links section in the sidebar on the left. I'm going to put guides and replays for my tracks up here as I'm going to open an online server sometimes, and because my tracks are quite difficult to understand the first time (I like difficult stunts), it's handy to know how to perform the tracks. Four tracks are ready at the moment, and guides will be up soon.

25/04/2006 Defcon Beta tests started

I've been asked to help betatest Introversion's new game called Defcon. I've been looking forward to it. May take some time now before I post something here, because now most of my attention goes that way. I'll post some screens here later on, but don't expect me to give bug reports or screen of bugs. It still is testing, and leaking is not what we want.

24/04/2006 SIM-UNlock software

I've been searching for tools to unlock my phone (the SIM-lock). Of course it can be done professionally too, but money is the important factor there. I've found a few working ones, one which generates a code from the IMEI*, and the other needs a data cable. I'm expecting another piece of software soon, which is said to be able to crack almost any phone. I'll say it here when that one's up on RapidShare as well. Be aware that using the software with the data cable can damage your phone, and it may not work anymore. Use at own risk.
*An IMEI is an identification number of your phone. You can find it by typing *#06# on your phone.

24/04/2006 Windowblinds in a nutshell

Windowblinds is one of my favorite programs, because it has so many functions for skinning Windows, and it works so well. Because there are a few things about it on this site, I've made a very short summary of it, which can be found here. The link can be found at any time under the newly added Featured WB5 Skin

24/04/2006 First files coming up 

To start, I've added a few things here:

  • Stealthy Internet Use Guide
  • Windowblinds 5 torrent
  • 60 skins for Windowblinds
  • Extra help for cracking Windowblinds 5 enhanced

Please note that I don't host the torrent, but I only give a link; use on your own risk. The cracking is only the theory; I don't give the tools. And note that the skin package is in the torrent too, but for those who prefer the trial version, I have them at rapidshare too. Read the Terms of Agreement well before you use any of these!

24/04/2006 Moved here!

After a while, I've found my spot over here. First, my own server collapsed and a blog didn't seem the right place to publish my stuff. So here I am! Enjoy!