- GPSMAP 60Cx, 60CSx, 76Cx, 76CSx
- GPSMAP 60C, 60CS, 76C, 76CS
- eTrex Summit HC, Venture HC, Legend HCx, Vista HCx
- eTrex Venture Cx, Legend Cx, Vista Cx
- eTrex Legend C, Vista C


- Current version (executable + source code + Hungarian Users Manual): CSIXlogo Ver. 3.1415926 (08/31/2008)


- Sample GPSMAP 60CSx splash screen
- Sample eTrex Vista HCx splash screen


- CSIXgpx - Detects erroneous parts in GPX tracklog files recorded by Garmin devices on MicroSD cards (Also compatible with Garmin Zümo series.)
- GPX_Dist - Measures track lengths in a GPX file, using Vincenty and Great Circle formula (with user selectable Earth radius)
- TrkShift - Shifts tracks and waypoints with a given degree (0.000001 degree step)
- GPX2HRM - Converts GPX files to Polar HRM format (Converts speed/elevation data only in "normal" GPX, speed/cadence/elevation/hearthrate using Garmin Oregon's CURRENT.GPX file!)
- SRTM_HUN part1 part2 part3 - Calculates elevation from tracks (using GPS data) and routes (using SRTM data, this works only on Hungarian area), shows Waypoints on elevation profile.
- SRTM_HUN_SK part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 - The previous program, extended to the Slovakian area (N45° E15° - N50° E25°, see also: COVERAGE)
- GMXT2GPX - Converts Garmin Mobile XT's saved tracks (GARMIN_STRK.NVM) and active tracks (GARMIN_ATRK.NVM) to GPX format (NEW VERISON!!! Thanks for your help Luigi!)
- PihenoK - Analyzes tracks in a GPX formatted file and makes Waypoints where "halt" state detected (the waypoints name contains the length of the halt)
- TrkSplit - Splits tracks in a GPX file into pieces (you can define the maximum number of trackpoints in a track).
- UndulatR - Makes geoid undulation correction on tracks in a GPX file (use this tool only if your GPS receiver does not makes the geoid correction automatically)
- xDSLinfo v2.00 - Measurement software for ADSL2/VDSL2 CPEs equipped with Broadcom chipset (eg.: DLINK DSL-360R T1E, ZTE 931, ...)

Every program on this site is Free Software.