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Atlas of the human thalamus combining ex vivo MRI and histology

posted Aug 9, 2018, 8:11 AM by Juan Eugenio Iglesias
It is our pleasure to announce that our paper: "A probabilistic atlas of the human thalamic nuclei combining ex vivo MRI and histology" has been accepted for publication in NeuroImage. In this work, we present a probabilistic atlas of 26 nuclei of the human thalamus, which we have built by averaging manual delineations made on histological sections of the left and right thalami of 6 different post-mortem samples. The 3D structure of the histological data was recovered using a post-mortem MRI scan and blackface photographs taken during sectioning as references. The atlas shows good agreement with previous histological studies of the thalamus, and can be applied to automated segmentation of the nuclei in brain MRI scans of living people; we show in the paper that the atlas is able to detect differential thalamic effects in subjects with Alzheimer's disease, which are missed when the thalamus is analyzed as a whole. The atlas and segmentation tool are freely available as part of FreeSurfer (see Code). The paper can be found under Related Publications or Publications.