BUNGEE-TOOLS ("Building Next-Generation Computational Tools for High Resolution Neuroimaging Studies") is a project sponsored by the European Research Council (ERC), under the Starting Grant program agreement number 677697, awarded to me.

Recent advances in magnetic resonance imageing (MRI) scanners are providing us with images of the human brain of increasing detail. While these images hold promise to greatly increase our understanding of the human brain works, researchers still analyze the images with old software tools that are over a decade old, and were designed to work with older, less detailed images. In particular, these tools do not consider smaller brain regions that are visible in present-day scans, but not in older MRI images. This inability to capitalize on the vast improvement of MRI is slowing down progress in brain research.

In BUNGEE-TOOLS, we propose to build next-generation software tools that will enable researchers to take full advantage of the increasing image quality of modern MRI scanners. The core of these tools will be a high-resolution map (“atlas”) of the human brain, which we are building using brains from dead donors. Such brains have the advantage that the can be stained with different dyes and looked under the microscope, allowing us to build maps of superior detail. The atlas will be used to analyze MRI scans of living people, enabling researchers to extract more detailed information and more subtle changes due to e.g., aging or disease. We will make the developed tools freely available to the scientific community, and therefore expect them to have a tremendous impact on the quest to understand the human brain (in health and in disease), and ultimately on public health and the economy.

In these pages, you can find the publications and code related to this project.


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