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My work concerns the phylogenetic systematics (taxonomy) of Pyraloidea, or "snout moths," one of the largest radiations of Lepidoptera.  My graduate studies focused on Odontiinae, an unusual subfamily most diverse in the tropics and deserts.  See "Research" on the right for details. For more general information, please see:
  • GlobIZ: Globales Informationssystem Zünslerfalter (Global Pyraloid Information System). The online Pyraloidea catalogue (not a checklist). It represents the efforts of the worldwide pyraloid community to reflect currently published nomenclatural acts, citations, deposition of type specimens, etc.

Pinery (or Pinnery) Canyon, Chiricahua Mts, July 2005

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  • Hayden, J.E. 2008. Notes on Metrea ostreonalis Grote.  News of the Lepidopterists' Society 50(1):20-21, 25, figs 1–3.
Recent presentations:
  • Hayden, J.E. The Odd Odontiinae: The Global Context of the Nearctic Fauna. The Lepidopterists' Society 2010 meeting, Leavenworth, WA. Friday, 9 July 2010.
  • Hayden, J.E. Phylogenetically relevant characters of Crambidae (Lepidoptera). Entomological Society of America 58th annual meeting, San Diego, CA. 14 December 2010.
  • Hayden, J.E. Systematics of the European Pepper Moth, Duponchelia Zeller (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Spilomelinae). Poster at Entomological Society of America 59th annual meeting, Reno, NV, 15 November 2011.
    James E. Hayden, Ph.D.
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