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Acting Drama & Speech:-

Jehangir's School trains students according to the syllabus of The Trinity Guildhall (London) Examination Board's "Drama & Speech" syllabus, which incorporates elements of Acting, Drama and Speech.


At class the students perform week after week, doing both prepared and unprepared performances. As they grow into the system they learn to stand up and perform in front of their peers without being fearful or shy.

Skillful Reading:-

Skillful reading is one of the prime needs of both the actor and the scholar. At class the student is taught how to read an unprepared piece of text with understanding and to communicate the sense clearly, and in a lively and interesting manner, to the listener.

Communication Skills:-

Today we are in the Information Age - and the Communication of Information has become one of the most important aspects of the corporate world. Drama is one form of communication, and through drama we, at Jehangir's School, train students to Communicate clearly.

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