PSU Ed Tech Conference 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole: 3D Animation Programming With Storytelling Alice

Storytelling Alice is a version of the popular (and FREE) Alice 3D programming environment designed to encourage middle school students (particularly girls) to learn about programming through creating short 3D animated movies. By applying a story-based structure, learning about programming is more engaging for middle school students. In addition to hands-on work, potential teaching strategies using Storytelling Alice will be discussed.

Storytelling Alice Page
Main Page For The Alice Project

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Alice Programming Promo Video

Shall We Make A Game?

The power of games programming is its power to motivate. Game programming requires mathematical and logical skills and often requires a storyline, graphics and music. Game programming can be justified on three grounds--transferable cognitive skills, metacogitive skills and affective benefits. In addition to taking a brief look at these rationales, this hands-on session will give participants the opportunity to create their own games. Shall we MAKE a game?

Game Maker 8 Download & Resources Page
Your Game Design Blog by Soren Buus Nowak (good resource)
Sploder Online Game Play & Creation Site

Presentation Slidedeck
Jeff Yearout,
Jun 2, 2010, 8:24 PM
Jeff Yearout,
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