Jeffrey Voas



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(Nominated by Division VI)


Director, Systems Assurance

Science Applications International Corporation

Arlington, Virginia, USA


Jeffrey Voas (see CV) has been highly active in the software engineering research community for over 20 years.  He is currently Director for Systems Assurance at SAIC and is an SAIC Fellow. He has served on numerous IEEE journal and magazine editorial boards, and is currently the 2009 IEEE Reliability Society’s Junior Past President.  Dr. Voas has co-authored two John Wiley books.  Dr. Voas is currently an Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE IT Professional magazine, and serves on the Editorial Board of IEEE Computer magazine.  Finally, Dr. Voas has spent much of the last 20 years in business development and mentoring, and co-founded a small business, Cigital, that was listed in the “Inc. 500” for two years in a row. Voas received his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from Tulane University in 1985, and received his Ph.D. in computer science from the College of William and Mary in 1990.


IEEE Activities(S’87-M’90-SM’98)

BOARDS/COMMITTEES: Member, IEEE-USA Technology Policy Committee on Medicine, 2004-05; Member, IEEE-USA Technology Policy Committee on R&D, 1998-2004; Member, IEEE-USA Technology Policy Committee on Critical Infrastructure Protection, 2005; IEEE TAB Strategic Planning Committee, 2007; IEEE TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee, 2007; IEEE TAB Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee, 2008; IEEE Computer Editorial Board, 2009.

SOCIETIES: Associate Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Software, 1999-2003; Associate Editor-in-Chief, IEEE IT Professional, 1999-2009; Advisory Board Member, IEEE Software Magazine, 2003-05; Quality Time Column Editor, IEEE Software Magazine, 1998-2004. IEEE Computer Society: Conference Publications Operations Committee, 2007; Electronic Products and Services Board, 2006-07; Board of Governors, 2008-2010; IEEE Reliability Society: Secretary, 1998-2000; Vice President, 2000-02; Secretary, 2002-03; Junior Past President, 2005-10; President, 2003-05.

CONFERENCES: COMPASS’97, General Chair, 1997; ISSRE’99, Program Chair, 1999; ICSM’00, Program Co-Chair, 2000; COMPSAC’03, Program Co-Chair, 2003; ISSRE’04, Program Co-Chair, 2004.

AWARDS: IEEE Reliability Society’s Reliability Engineer of the Year, 2000; IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000; IEEE Computer Society Golden Core award, 2009.

IEEE Accomplishments – The accomplishments that I have made as an IEEE volunteer fall into several categories: conferences, publications, and various society leadership roles including years on TAB.  In terms of conferences, I have had roles going from General Chair, to Program Committee Chair, to Program Committee member, to workshop organizer, to reviewer, and to mentoring papers that needed an extra boost for acceptance. In terms of publications, I have served on the editorial boards of several IEEE magazines.  I have served in a variety of society leadership roles, including three years as President for the Reliability Society that I believe helped the Reliability Society ADCOM make difficult decisions that ultimately moved the society away from the TAB FINCOM watch list to a stable financial organization. In terms of working with TAB, I have worked to form alliances with other societies and councils, as well as with the TAB management to increase the visibility of the Reliability Society, which is something I hope to continue for Division VI.

Statement – I have been a proud member of the IEEE for 23 years, and I have served in a variety of volunteer positions in both the Computer Society and Reliability Society.  2010 will be my last year as the Junior Past President of the Reliability Society.

When I started as the Reliability Society President in 2003, the Institute and the Reliability Society were challenged, both financially and technically.  I encouraged our Society's ADCOM to seriously restructure its budgets. In the end, we were able to rebuild our financial surpluses, and rebuild morale within our volunteer base. Today in 2009, we again facing similar financiall stresses.  

And we are facing similar challenges between societies.  For example, who owns what fields of interest, and how does the sale of IEEE IP get divided fairly?  My background in building business relationships and partnerships should be beneficial if elected to this position, and I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the Institute in a role where I could broker better alliances between Division VI, the other divisions, societies, councils, TAB, paid staff, and the IEEE Board of Directors. 



Jeffrey M. Voas (Nominated by Division VI)

Foster better collaboration between the Societies in Division VI and TAB; advocate additional benefits for member dues; work to sustain the Institute's scientific preeminence.

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