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Notebook 10 Software Quick Reference Guide
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Orienting the Smartboard Version 10
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Smartboard in the Elementary Classroom
Smartboard in the Classroom
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41 Ways to Use Your Smartboard
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Smartboard Reading Activity with Starfall

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Airliner in the Classroom Website

You and Your Airliner

To get Airliner Practice go to Documents and look for the Smart Tech folder and download the Airliner practice file and put it your Notebook software.

To get more downloads and templates from Teqsmart go to
Teqsmart and create a free account.

Smartech Airliner Site
Airliner Brochure
Airliner Demo Video on TeacherTube

Smart Response System

Smart Response System Demo

Smart Response Video on TeacherTube
Smart Response Question Sets

SmartTech Document Cameras

Smart Document Camera Website
Smart Document Camera Quick Reference Guide
Document Camera Product Brochure

Smart Document Camera Demo in Science Class

Document Cameras 101 - A Complete Guide

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