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Day 38 - Mt Pleasant, Michigan to Birch Run, Michigan

posted Jul 28, 2010, 11:01 AM by Jeffrey Douglas   [ updated Jul 29, 2010, 12:21 PM ]

Today was a fairly uneventful day. Joe, Mark and I started out from the hotel, hoping that the dark clouds on the horizon didn't catch us. The wind was brisk but in a direction that only made us cut through it for about 25 of the 75 miles today. The scenery was unremarkable, so I never found anything of actual value to take a picture of. It seems the lower peninsula of Michigan is pretty mundane.

At the SAG stop, I noticed that my rear brake was locked shut on my wheel. I am not sure how long that was like that, but probably not too long, as we were previously pace-lining at 29.5 MPH. Either the brake lock happened after that, or I am getting a whole lot stronger than I thought. I sent Joe and Mark on their way, while I was fixing the brake. Dave hung back and once I fixed it, we took off after them, catching up about 15 miles later. The 4 of us rode the rest of the day together.

We are in Birch Run, Michigan and the highlight of the day was actually unrelated to cycling. We stopped for lunch at Tony's in Birch Run. This is a deli/diner type place that has probably been on one of the TV shows, like Diners Dives and Drive-Inns. This place was incredible. The portions were out of this world. I was concerned that some of the patrons might actually have a coronary, right on the spot, just eating there. Joe ordered the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich and I kid you not, it came with 1 pound of bacon in after cooking weight. It probably took 2 pounds of raw bacon to get that amount. Mark had a bacon and turkey sandwich, and it was huge as well. Dave and I both had the pastrami and it was about 50% larger that a normal sandwich, but was tolerable. We saw some other people order the banana split. It came with ½ gallon of ice cream and was about 10 inches high. It was huge and usually took many people's joint effort to obliterate it. Joe and Mark were having a good laugh, and walked around the restaurant snapping up pictures of the people and food. It was all in good fun and I have posted Joe's pictures, so you can see the food at Tony's.

The rain held off and we arrived at the hotel safely. One more day in Michigan and then we will cross over the bridge and enter Ontario, Canada. My Mom, who lives near the other side of the bridge will be meeting us and bringing two Canadian treats, butter tarts and Nanaimo Bars. Most people on the ride have never heard of these things and are eager to give them a try.

This trip is hard on bicycles. Other people have broken wheels or bearings, or have had a lot of flats. So far, I have gone through 1 bottom bracket bearing set, 3 tires, 8 tubes, 1 chain, 1 set of shoe cleats and about 70% of my brakes. The bike is running beautifully however, and is very nice to ride. It is still smooth and in excellent condition.

Here's the GPS data from today:


Let's see what tomorrow brings.