Think about how amazing music really is...a composer imagines the music in his or her mind and writes it down.  Then musicians read what was written and transmit it through their instruments.  And what we hear, the music, reaches out to us, moves us, tugs at our hearts, excites us, and changes us.   That's the amazing power of music!

As a musician, I believe that artists play a vital role in our communities by capturing the essence of the human condition and by creating the substance of culture.  When we experience art we transcend into a new world that gives us the opportunity to experience beauty, ponder truth, and enrich our lives by allowing us to see and hear the world from someone else's perspective.  Music has the power to immediately express the deepest and 
                                                                                                   most intimate of human emotions and connect us with one another though 
                                                                                                   its communal nature.  

                                                                                                   --Jeff Specht

Dr. Jeff Specht is a professional conductor and passionate music educator who is dedicated to fostering the love of music, uplifting people through live performance, and building musical community.  On the podium, Dr. Specht cultivates a culture of excellence and his focus on inspiring passion and curiosity for music is showcased by his consistent record of success in concert performance, musician training, artistic leadership, recruitment, fundraising, education outreach, community engagement, and program development.  Jeff is a dynamic leader with a collaborative spirit and is a master musician who guides ensembles to unlock their full potential to achieve the highest standards in artistic performance and a rewarding musical experience.