It is official! I am getting a Concessions Trailer that has been around for the better part of 10 years. locally. The sellers are well know around here, and I will do my best to uphold their legacy - obviously with a different menu. 
I have gone the LLC route, and have settled on a name for my mobile Food venture. Some Like It Hot, and officially Some Like It Hot On Wheels. I think that title explains my proposed menu pretty well. I will give the heat when requested, but parts of the business will be non-spicy. At the end of the day, this is now my full time gig, and I need some profits. I can't solely focus on burning everybody who's game, like I have been doing. New territory!
I do plan to be at Rogers often. Occasionally there will be full weekend gigs that will keep me from attending Rogers. 
I also intend to keep my Fiery Peppers & Pickle items coming. In fact, as soon as I get my trailer inspected, I can legitimately make my Pepper Ring Mixes available to retail stores!!!!!!!!


As 2017 rolls in, I have given myself a raise for the first time since I started this little gig. I have basically added a buck to all the products. So not a big, crazy increase or anything.
I am a Pepperhead, and enjoy spreading the heat! ..but it wasn't always that way. Growing up, my parents, nor any of my friend's parents, ever really introduced me to anything spicy - black pepper being the pinnacle.
While in my early 20's, I hooked up with a feisty, crazy Italian girl. My time with her was rough, but she gets the credit for introducing me to spicy food - specifically hot wings. Back in the early 90's, there was a somewhat local micro-brewery called Meander Brewery. It was really before it's time, as I think it would thrive in today's atmosphere. Anyway, they brewed really dark, thick beer, and had nice big hot wings. I remember going there for the first time with her, and she asked me if I had had hot wings before. I said, nope. She chuckled and went on to ordering the hottest wings they offered. I got in a couple glasses of their "used motor oil" - as I called it. Then the wings came. I still recall biting into that first wing, the initial taste was unique to me, then came a burning sensation that was amazing. Then I coughed. She was laughing at me. But I loved them! And that was the beginning of it.

A few years later, I went to Quaker Steak & Lube in Sharon, PA for the first time with some friends. They had wings you had to sign a release to eat - I love a challenge; "hook me up!" I said to the waitress. She smiled, put a piece of paper on the table, handed me a pen, and said, "sign here". I scribbled my sig - it was a little intimidating, I must admit. Their Atomic Wings were (and still are!) really hot, no doubt, but they didn't kill any of us. I ate 12 of them, and had a couple beers too. (I was not driving). The next morning I was to help a friend of mine on a remodel job at a lady's house. Lets just say that the uber hot wing + beer combo made for an awfully miserable morning  ..lol.

I had forgotten about a hot sauce I picked up at a coffee shop while I was an apprentice for the Carpenter's Local 171. Circa ~ 1994. Some friends and I went to a coffee shop in Brecksville during a lunch break one day, and I noticed a sizable wooden stand that was full of (I learned) colorful labels of a wide variety of hot sauces. I quickly focused my attention to that stand. Heck with coffee, I needed some HEAT!  After looking over the offerings, I knew which bottle I wanted - Satan's Revenge Chili Sauce! I figured that that sauce had to be the hottest there! And it was excellent! wicked hot, but it had a good flavor too. I ended up getting a few bottles of that sauce from that coffee shop over the years. But later I could not, and still to this day, cannot find that sweet hot chili sauce! 

 It wasn't long after that I realized that I could dig up part of my yard, and grow my own heat! Or at least try. Luckily I enjoy gardening. Around 5 years back I bought some habanero pepper plants, and was amazed at how many pods they gave me. So I looked online at some hot pepper forums and found a few recipes to put the pods to use. One particular recipe caught my interest, it was for creating habanero pickles. I used the recipe, and the results were fantastic. I would take a jar or 2 of pickles to a function or party, and never bring any home. After some experimentation, I found that I could create the habanero pickles in 24 oz jars, and have them ready in 24 hours. 

Around the same time, I bought a dehydrator, and ended up creating spicy seasoned salt. Soon after the initial foray of making spicy seasoned salt, I learned about Ghost Peppers, and then Scorpion Peppers. These super hot peppers enabled me to make my spicy seasoned salt wicked hot! At first I bought them dried from various websites. Then I bought some seeds to try my luck at growing peppers that were from arid countries like Asia, in N.E. Ohio. It worked! 
Then my mom gave me a recipe for a pepper ring mix, and I ended up tweaking it, changing a few ingredients and gave it some real fire.
All the while, people were telling me that I should sell those creations, so I did. And it has been fun. I hope to someday make bringing the heat to the masses a full time venture, but for now, it is a good, fun, side gig.
I cater to people who like their food spicy, like I do! . I can give you the seasoning to bring your plate to life, the pickles that will make you a hit at the next party, and the sweet, tasty mix that delivers a punch in the end! I now also make a Peach Habanero Jam, not too hot, not too sweet; just right!

Check out the "Products" link to see what I offer!


This is our VW Westfalia Vanagon. It is a super cool camper van that we put to good use! 

As of 10/16 it has been taken to a mechanic to have a heart replacement. The old girl almost made it to 200,000 miles. When we get it back, she should give us another 197,000 miles! 

Awesome signs that Municipal Signs made for me

Chili Cook Off winner!

Rack 'o HEAT! Always messing around with the labeling..


Some Like It Hot On Wheels!
Cuban Sandwiches - Seasoned pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard, pressed
Fish Tacos - Blackened Catfish with a roasted Mango/Serrano salsa
Spicy Chili - Award winning chili by the bowl
1/3 Lb Burgers - prepared with my special ingredients
Hebrew National Stadium Hot Dogs - bigger than the bun, 100% beef
Fresh Cut Fries - small, medium, or bucket
Nachos n Cheese 

I am in the process of getting a new website up and running, stay tuned!
You can find my array of heat at:
The Wine Connection in Columbiana
Lampost Farms, right outside of Columbiana, on Rt. 14
T&T Drive Thru in Berlin, Ohio.

 I had the pleasure of marrying Vicki Couchenour Hopper on July 14th, 2016!


Chili Cook-off win #2!