Jeffrey V. Butler

Assistant Professor of Economics

UC Merced


Research Interests

My research interests are varied.  In general, I am interested in topics at the intersection of economics, sociology and psychology.  Using various tools---primarily experiments and surveys---my current research focuses on the way inequality and associated social identities affect beliefs, moral values, aspirations and, ultimately, economic outcomes. 

Behavioral and Experimental Economics Links


Identity and the Theory of the Firm (forthcoming in Victor J. Tremblay, Elizabeth Schoeder, and Carol Horton Tremblay (eds), Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Social Risk and the Dimensionality of Intentions  (with Joshua Miller), [forthcoming, Management Science]

The Right Amount of Trust (2016, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano) [Journal of the European Economic Association, vol 14(5), pp 1155-1180]

A Review of Experimenting with Social Norms: Fairness and Punishment in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Jean Ensminger and Joseph Henrich (eds). (2016) [Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 53(2), pp. 379-381]

Trust and Cheating  (2016, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano) [Economic Journal, vol 126, pp 1703-1738]

Inequality and Relative Ability Beliefs (2016) [Economic Journal, vol 126, pp 907-948]

Trust, Values and False Consensus  (2015, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano) [International Economic Review, vol 56(3), pp 889-915]

A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students’ Success: Research Findings from the Transparency and Problem-centered Learning Project (2016, with Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Tia McNair, Ashley Finley, Matthew Bernacki, Michelle Zochowski, Jennifer Golanics and Kati Harriss Weavil) [Peer Review, vol 18]

The Role of Intuition and Reasoning in Driving Aversion to Risk and Ambiguity  (2014, with Luigi Guiso and Tullio Japelli) [Theory and Decision, vol 77(4). pp 455-484]

Trust, Truth, Status and Identity: an experimental inquiry [2014, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics,  vol 14(1), pp. 293-338]

Working Papers

Motivating Whistleblowers (with Danila Serra and Giancarlo Spagnolo) [Revise and Resubmit, Management Science]

Manipulating Reliance on Intuition Reduces Risk and Ambiguity Aversion (with Luigi Guiso and Tullio Japelli)

Reputation and Entry (with Pierluigi Conzo, Enrica Carbone and Giancarlo Spagnolo)

Social Identity and Punishment (with Pierluigi Conzo and Martin Leroch)

The Role of Identity in Work Effort