I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the City College of New York. I also serve as the Director of CCNY's MA in International Relations program. Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. I also spent three years as a Lecturer in International Political Economy and as Director of the MSc International Public Policy program at University College London. I hold a PhD from Emory University (‘10) and an MA from the University of Manchester (‘05). My research explores questions in:

- international political economy
- trade law and organizations
- institutional design
- political economy of conflict

Papers in these areas include the following:

Julia Gray and Jeffrey Kucik. forthcoming. "Domestic Leadership Turnover and the Durability of Trade Agreements." Comparative Political Studies.

Jeffrey Kucik and Ashley Moraguez. forthcoming. “Balancing Multiple Goals: Analyzing Votes on Free Trade Agreements in the US House." Congress & the Presidency.

Alex Braithwaite and Jeffrey Kucik. forthcoming. "Does the Presence of Foreign Troops Affect Stability in Host Countries?" Foreign Policy Analysis.

Stephen Chaudoin, Jeffrey Kucik, and Krzysztof Pelc. forthcoming. “Do WTO Disputes Actually Increase Trade?” International Studies Quarterly. [download]

Jeffrey Kucik and Krzysztof Pelc. 2016. “Do International Rulings Have Spillover Effects? The View from Financial Markets.” World Politics. 68(4): 713-751. [download]

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Jeffrey Kucik and Ashley Moraguez. 2016. “Liberals, Labor, and the Democratic Party’s Volatile Relationship with Free Trade.” The Forum. 14(2): 121-142. [download]

Jeffrey Kucik and
Krzysztof Pelc. 2016. “Over-Commitment and Backsliding in International Trade.” European Journal of Political Research. 55(2): 391-415. [download]

Alex Braithwaite, Jeffrey Kucik, and Jessica Maves Braithwaite. 2015. “The Conditioning Effect of Protest History on the Emulation of Nonviolent Conflict.” Journal of Peace Research. 52(2): 697-711. [download]

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International Studies Quarterly, 54:657-682. [download]

Jeffrey Kucik and Eric Reinhardt. 2008. "Does Flexibility Promote Cooperation? An Application to the Global Trade Regime."
International Organization, 62:477-505.

My writing also appears online on Foreign Affairs (2), Vox (2), RealClearPolicy (2) (3) (4), The National Interest, The Conversation and The Washington Post (2). I am also a contributor to The Hill (2) (3) (4).