Poetry and a little more

A list of some Poems I wrote ages ago, really feels like it was a different life then. 

 These are being copied from text files on my harddrive, so, they are in alphabetical order.

I just wanted to state a few things.

Firstly, these are mostly quite old, don't stress, I'm not a very depressed person. Some times I get a bit down just like every one, but these are me just thinking on digital paper.

Secondly, I know that some are not in the formal sense a poem, incorrect structure and all the rest, it's the way it is for a reason. Just relax and enjoy them, let these take you some place you may never have been before.

 (wow ... look at that ... I did an update, 8 new poems - 2008-07-29)

I noticed a load of spelling mistakes. Well, I'm not sure if I care. Hehe. It's just that these really are over 10 years old, like a piece of history. <Shrug> Sorry, really .... sorry if it bothers you.

And .... I thought that this was a nice one to put up. They aren't poems, I used to just write to think. With some music going the keyboard is just the digital pen of my imagination. Written in 3 parts and ment to be read in order (but if you break the rules then no one cares any ways)