Just another page in the life of Jeffrey K.

Some thoughts, not in a blog because I won't update it enough. 

I guess every one must have a page up on the net by now. I have had loads of sites, but over time they disappear and get forgotten. So, here I go again. It's going to be a bit of what I'm interested in now: Manga/Anime, 3D graphics, Flash, Heraldry and Computers, then throw in a dash of some old stuff: Poetry, short stories and Abandonware (the old "Forgotten Worlds" website)

So, I guess the Google hosting will do well enough for now. As much as I really like to do things 100% my own graphics, this setup means less work which hopefully will mean that there may be a bit more updates.

Feel free to drop me a line and comment/flame on any thing.

jeffreyknipe <at> gmail <dott> com

Last updated, 26 November 2009