Jeffrey M. Keisler

Professor, Management Science and Information Systems

University of Massachusetts Boston

College of Management, McCormack Hall 5-249

100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125

Telephone: 617-287-7738

email: jeff[d.t]keisler[a]umb[d.t] edu



President-Elect/President/Past-President, 2010-2016.


President/Past-President, 2010-2012.


Associate Editor, Interfaces (INFORMS) 2011-present

Editor (similar to Associate Editor), EURO Journal on Decision Processes (Springer), 2012-present

Editorial Board, Decision Analysis (INFORMS), 2011-present

Editorial Board, Environment, Systems & Decisions, Springer), 2012-present



Fellow, Society of Decision Professionals




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Ph.D. Decision Sciences, S.M. Engineering Sciences (Harvard)
M.B.A. Business Economics (Chicago)
Mathematics & Computer Science (Wisconsin)                        


Strategic Decision GroupDecision analyst for Fortune 100 companies

Argonne National Laboratory: Decision analyst for federal agencies

General Motors Corp.: Decision analyst



Founding Secretary/Treasurer, 2003-2007 INFORMS Spreadsheet Productivity Research Section

Editor (chief): Decision Analysis Today (previously Decision Analysis Society Newsletter), 2008- 2011