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I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Economics in Fogelman College of Business and Economics, the University of Memphis, and an Adjunct Professor at Christian Brother University.

My areas of specialization are experimental economics, behavioral economics, game theory, and labor and discrimination economics. Broadly speaking, I am an applied microeconomist interested in experimental and quantitative methods, as well as insights from cognitive science, that explain policy-relevant deviations from standard theory.

In my research, I seek to understand the behavior of agents with social preferences, the determinants of pro-social choice, the dimensions of fairness, and how people use communication and stereotypes in belief formation.

I also currently teach Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, and have helped to teach a bevy of specialized classes (such as Game Theory, Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomic Theory) on both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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J.Jobu Babin

Department of Economics, 364FCB 

Fogelman College of Business and Economics 

The University of Memphis, 

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