RISC OS Software - All 32 bit neutral and tested on an IYONIX

428K Fat32Fs Last Modified
Dos/Fat32 filing system module for discs > 2GB. Includes source code. Based on the efsl library. Uses SCSIFS_DiscOp & SectorOp to access the USB so probably Iyonix only.
64Kk Fat32Formatter 23/02/16 Fat12/16/32 Disc formatter. Includes source code and also the PC version (and source code) that this is based on. Uses the same SCSIFS_SectorOp calls as Fat32Fs so probably Iyonix only.
237K FatFsck 01/08/12 Fat12/16/32 Disc fsck. Port of the Linux utility dosfstools-3.0.9. Includes source code and the original Linux tar/gz download. Uses the same SCSIFS_SectorOp calls as Fat32Fs so probably Iyonix only.
25K ArmBe 12/11/19 The original vintage Basic Editor - now 32bit neutral. Note that there is now an updated version of this included in the HardDisc4 image on the ROOL site. Only download this if you want the function key strip as a draw file.
30K DataVox 19/09/11 Sound player originally by P.R.Banks. Modified to be 32 bit neutral. Used by Doom below (and included in it).
700K Doom 08/10/19 Doom built from the Linux Sources. Tested on Iyonix, Titanium and Pi 3.
Note: Releases after 3/10/19 have a file renamed - !Doom.Pwads.Database.d1.Sigil.SIGIL//msq.
If you drop over the top of the old one then you'll need to delete the old file (SIGIL/msq with only one slash).
630K Doom Source 08/10/19 The source code. Also available on Github
1745K Doom shareware Wad 15/09/04 The free demo shareware WAD file.
1100K Deth 12/11/11 Deth Version 4.24 (as opposed to V3.92 built by Lee Noar).
460K Deth Source 12/11/11 Deth source code
130K DeHackEd 13/02/16 DeHackEd - Create and edit DeHacked files.
15K DWadFS 08/07/11 Image filing system to read (only) Doom Pwad and Iwad files.
2K Twin Patch 18/08/12 Patch for Twin World to run on iyonix
42K SuDoku 22/02/14 Su Doku Puzzle solver/creater. Includes C source code.
40K Ov2Tools 06/11/10 Tom Tom navigator ov2tools.
72K Jhead 21/05/05 Port of jhead - command line tool for exif manipulation.
132KPcEmPatch01/11/99Patch for !PCem to work on Risc PC.

All my software can be distributed under the terms of the BSD licence, which basically says "do what you want with this, just don't take the credit for it yourself and don't sue me if it all blows up in your face".