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I became a Christian at the age of 13. Before that I thought I was saved, but I never felt God’s hand in my life. I had so much anger, hate and bitterness towards God, my family and my friends. The only way I knew how to deal with it was to fight with my family and friends.  I had no goal in life and I didn’t know what God had in store for me.

          It was on Christmas Eve in January of 2000, that I really understood what my life was about. When I understood that I am no one without Christ, I gave my life to Him. I felt like a new person. I lost all of the anger, hate and bitterness I had towards God and my parents and friends.

          Living life has shown me that it isn’t easy, but with God’s grace and help I am able to live. I am thankful that He has shown me His mercy and grace everyday. Even though all of my actions are not pleasing to God, I know I am still His child.

          God has blessed me with a wonderful family who supports me in every thing I do. Sometimes I still fight with my family, but that is just the ‘self’ in me that wants to be in control.

          I am so thankful for all of your prayers for me over the years. May God bless all of you in this coming year.