How Things Started for Jeff

Something unexpected and startling happened to me in November 1971.  I had just entered the University of Miami, in Florida that fall, and was searching for meaning and significance through music, studying the classical guitar.  I had not expected to be in the company of so many great guitarists, and this humbled me, causing me to wonder if I had chosen the right path in life after all.  Some Christian friends recognized my quandry, and began to tell me about their faith in Jesus.  Though I argued with them, still there was something indefinably good about them, I thought. 

Then in November, Josh McDowell of Campus Crusade for Christ began a series of lectures on the topic, “Jesus, Myth or Reality?”  Listening to his evening lecture on the resurrection, it dawned on me that Jesus was truly who he said he was, and is truly risen from the dead! 

That evening, alone in my dormitory room, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ, repenting of my former apathy and self-reliance.  “No longer my thoughts, Lord, but yours.  No longer my ways, but yours.  I was wrong to be apathetic about the Bible.  All your words are true and I want them to be my only truth and guide.” I fell asleep praying, and awoke the next morning with a deep knowledge that Christ had come into my life, and had truly forgiven me. 

Thus began my adventure of discovering Jesus, walking with him, and learning of his incredible humility and majesty.  Since that evening my life has been characterized by a deep and growing longing to know him and serve him better.