Coleen's Story

How I Came to Believe


I met my husband Jeff in 1982 and we were married in 1984. Shortly after the wedding he started reading his Bible every night.  I'd never seen him do this and we had never talked about it.  At first I thought this a bit strange, but decided to just watch.  In time he became more calm and at peace and I thought this was not a bad thing.

Jeff later told me after our wedding he was convicted that he had become "unequally yoked."  You see, when we met, though saved at  age 19, he had not been walking closely with the Lord and now he was married to an unbeliever.

Jeff always had Christian radio on in his car and when I would take his car I would immediately turn it off.  In time, I would listen for a while until irritated.  Those times extended to the point that I was "listening" now.  In the meantime we became foster parents and dear sweet little Sarah, age 6, came into our lives, later followed by several other girls.  Though we had talked about finding a church to go to, it was when Sarah came that we decided "she" needed to be in church.  She was the motivating factor that got us moving.

Our one criteria for church was that we wanted someplace that would do more than just baby-sit Sarah.  We wanted her to learn about the Bible.  You see, I grew up going to Methodist church and Jeff grew up in Lutheran so I knew a bit about the whole idea of church, but not much.

After several visits in various unsatisfying churches some friends invited us to a small group meeting in their home.  This was a weekly fellowship dealing with a new question each time that people could respond to or not.  I remember thinking this was fun and they are not even drinking or smoking.

Baptists, wow, I wasn't sure what I thought of that idea.  Like most, I thought they were a strange bunch, but then this group seemed OK.  So again, I sat back and watched. These were good, loving people who cared about Jeff and I.

We attended small group for a time before attending Sunday School with this same group of people.  Finally we attended church as well.  I know through all this time Jeff had many praying for me and it was in Putnam City Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I finally became a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

The prayers of many, the ministry of Christian radio (KQCV), the church along with Jeff answering my many questions finally brought me to a saving faith. Sarah and I were both baptized in 1989. Jeff continues to be my spiritual mentor and best friend.

"...If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him..."
Romans 15:13

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