The Republic
Young and full of life, Jed Wheatherby, a seventeen year old farm boy from a small town on the gulf of Texas, dreams only of following in his family’s footsteps in becoming a US Marine Corps Scout/Sniper.  Just when he thinks he has the world by the tail, the woman of his dreams comes along and sets his heart on fire.  
 Away at boot camp, the President’s administration persuades Washington D.C. politicians to take away the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, dividing the nation in two.  Texas and other conservative states secede from the union, resulting in a modern day civil war on U. S. soil.  Jed faces leaving his girl to fight for the independence of his beloved Republic state of Texas.  Death, shattered dreams, and family sacrifices result in casualties with a high price to pay.
Follow Jed as he pledges his allegiance to the Texas Marine Corps as they fight to protect Conservatism, Independence, and government from a suppressed socialistic Marxist dictator who takes the U. S. by storm.
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