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Shows like Everyday Italian and chefs like Giada DeLaurentis inspired me to start cooking. Combined with a bread maker and fairly good cookie making skills, I started to cook recipes I saw on the Food Network and many other PBS cooking shows.  Some worked, and some did not, but over time, I upgraded my cooking equipment and read a lot more about cooking, my skills have improved.  Today I am still cooking other's recipes but I have developed a good eye for recipes my family and friends would like.  As I have gotten older, I have also developed a desire to eat healthier (I weigh less now than when the picture with Giada was taken) without surviving on Tofu, nuts and raw carrots.  These recipes represent the best of the best, not only rated by me, but received rave reviews from my guinea pigs; my family and friends.  They also fall on the side of healthier side of cooking.  Most of these recipes are easily made on a busy weeknight, especially when you have several of the building blocks ready for you in the freezer or refrigerator. 

Enjoy this site and I will try to add new recipes regularly.