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International Society for MacIntyrean Philosophy

Find out about Alasdair MacIntyre, a Catholic Philosopher who once was a marxist,  and the work our group does to further similar ideas.





Willamette Writer's 

A group of writer's in Oregon. 

Thanks for visiting my page.  Here you will find links to some of my work and ideas as well as to many of my interests, inclluding links to groups I work with and things that interest me.  For professional interests, please look to the left side bar, as well as reading below.  For entertainment interests and hobbies, please look to the right side bar.


My work centers on questions of the good life and the meaning of human life.  My areas of research include political philosophy, ethics, and philosophical anthropology, though I have tentacles in several sub-areas, including Frankfurt School Critical Theory, MacIntyre, St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomism in general, Maritain, Aristotle, Feminism -- especially care feminism -- and applied ethics.  I aim to bring concepts and methods from ancient and medieval philosophy to play in current debates in philosophy.  


Reason, Tradition, and the Good 

Central to my approach is the argument that reason isconstituted by tradition, that reasonable debate is possible within and between traditions because of this, and that human beings can evaluate their ends and goals for their worthiness based on the conception of the good within a tradition.  My research, moreover, is multi-disciplinary drawing on anthropology, sociology, science-fiction studies, psychology, ethology, etc.  This work is laid out in my manuscript Reason, Tradition, and the Good which I am trying to publish.

Between Beasts and Gods

Is a book I am writing dealing with the value and meaning of humanity.  My main thesis is that modern debates occur under the spectre of the Ghost in the Shell which makes, not theism, but reductive materialism more plausible, and that Aristotle believed in a soul without accepting a theory of the Ghost in the Shell -- that is, a soul distinct from the body.


Though lecturing is a valid teaching tool and serves some goals more than others, I stress active learning in my classroom with in-class writing assignments, discussions, group debates, movie viewing, etc.  I also encourage creative approaches to assignments, for example, asking whether the movie Spiderman is a tragedy according to Aristotle's criteria laid out in The Poetics.  My ethics class have debated various topics including homsexual marriage and homeschooling.


I write philosophy, fiction, and poetry.


I believe philosophy is only valuable philosophy when it is accessible to everyone.  I avoid, as much as possible, technical debates which can hamper understanding as much as clarify it, while focusing on developing substantive arguments and thoughts.  I try to use lots of examples to illustrate my points as well as shore up my argumentation.


Much of my fiction is fantasy and science fiction, though I dabble in literary writing as well.  I have written several stories that are looking for homes.  I will announce on here when they find them.


Gisla, a Viking woman, can handle a sword better than anyone living, and refuses to treat with any man who does not respect her.  Unable to explain her strange ability to hear the dead or to see through the eyes of a hawk, she must find her identity by defeating a giant.  Will the answer hasten Ragnorak?


Rowan Renee McElfresh, half-Lakota, must give up her senior year Spring Break trip to Acapulco in order to return to Pine Ridge Reservation to witness her grandfather's death; in the process she inherits supernatural powers and must prevent a radical Native American group from destroying Mount Rushmore.

I am rewriting this book and hope to seek an agent for it this summer.


Dungeons and Dragons is the greatest game ever -- the greatest practice ever.  I am currently running a campaign that you can see  here.



Some of my favorite authors

Ursula K. Le Guin

Terry Brooks

Stephen R. Donaldson 

Orson Scott Card


Stephen Thompson 

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