Four pictures of Jeff Heil
My name is Jeffery Heil and I am currently a technology resource teacher for the San Diego County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools.  I have the please of working with students, teachers, and administrators to help them integrate technology into their lives.  Whether it be using technology as a medium of instruction or the use of an iPad as an administrative or instructive tool, or how to use social media as a professional development platform, I extend my support to my entire organization.  It's not often that someone's work is also their passion, but for me, this is definitely the case.  I see technology as a means to enrich the curriculum to make it relevant for students.  For teachers, I see technology as a tool to not only enhance their curriculum, but to allow them to network with other educators across the globe.  For administrators, technology can be a way for them to connect with other leaders as well as stay connected with their teachers and other staff.  I always tell people that it is "not about the tools" but the ability to network and grow that makes technology an invaluable part of the educational institution.  I also see it as a way to transform education to make it more student-centric.  
In addition to my "day job," I am an adjunct professor for the School of Education at California State University San Marcos.  Since 2005, I have taught multiple courses for pre-service teachers.  The primary focus of my work at CSUSM revolves around technology and education. In my Technology Tools for Education course, I have had the opportunity to work in a blended learning environment.  I work with the students face-to-face as well as assign work that they complete on the computer in their own time.  We use Moodle as the LMS, but the majority of the work occurs on the Internet utilizing web 2.0 tools from blogs and wikis, to Google Docs, Twitter and other social media. This experience, along with my Leading Edge Certification training, has really prepared me to teach in a fully online environment, thus the reason for this portfolio. 
Recently, I have embarked on a journey to become a Leading Edge Certification trainer.  As such, I, along with some peers in San Diego and Santa Cruz, have participated in an LEC Certification course to familiarize ourselves with the curriculum we will be teaching.  We also had the good fortune of having Greg Ottinger and Kelly Schwirzke facilitate this experience.  Not only were they outstanding models, they really challenged us to take their curriculum and make it our own in ways that will enrich our future courses.  This portfolio stands as a representation of my ability to not only teach in an online environment, but to inspire others to do the same.