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Jeff Wrestlers in All-Star meet, JolleyLittle State Champ

posted Mar 22, 2012, 10:10 AM by Eric Robinson

CONGRATULATIONS TO Stevie Jones, Jasi Coureur and Alonzo Shepherd for each medaling in the “age group” Folkstyle State Finals this past weekend.


Congratulations to Gavin Jolley Little for becoming STATE CHAMPION in the 8/9/10 grade division.






Team Indiana went 1-3 last night versus Louisville…….it was our 5 area schools versus all of Louisville. Our Jeff wrestlers went 9-6 in for the A team, so JEFFERSONVILLE HELD THEIR OWN IN THIS COMPETITION……..can’t say so much for the other schools J


Jeff High owned 13 of the 28 positions on this all-star squad, and 8 of 14 on the #1 team!


Round 1 –

Southern Indiana A Team 46, Jefferson County B team 18

106 Jasi Coureur (Jeff)  wins by fall over Jeff Mormon (Jtown)

113 Xavier weekly (Jeff) lost by fall to Davon Adams (Central)

120 Alonzo Shepherd (Jeff) wins 14-2 over Jason Hall (Moore)

126 Jordan Schremp (Jeff) wins over Austin Miller (Desales) 16-6

132 Hunter Castleberry (New Albany) wins by fall over Nathan Haddad (St. X)

138 Cory Troutman wins (Floyd)  9-6 over Collin Taylor (Doss)

145 George Emily (Floyd) lost 15-5 to Justin Lampe (St. X)

152 Brent Browner (Jeff) won by fall in 1:41 to Hazel Lopez (Jtown)

160 Aaron Dean (New Wash) lost 7-2 to Blake O’Neil (Southern)

170 Brandon Marlin(jeff)  wins 7-3 over Noah Bauer (St. X)

182 Jackson Randell (Floyd) lost 5-11 to Sam Willbanks(Moore)

195 Elijah Curtley (Jeff)  wins over Justin McDaniel (Moore)  in :29

220 Nick Ottersbach (Floyd) win by fall in 1:45 over Carmel Floyd (Central)

285 Gavin Jolley-Little (Jeff) lost 2-7 to Gabriel Lord (Fern Creek)


Round 1-

Southern Indiana B  7, Jefferson County A 54

106 Stevie Jones (Jeff) lost by fall to Nick Douglas (Southern)  in 5:30

113 Nathan Thompson wins by Forfeit

120 Tre Lynch (New Albany) lost by fall to Bryan Crowley (Southern)  I n2:21

126 Austin Jamison (New Albany) wins 5-2 over Max Khorfage (St. X)

132 Bryce Peavler (New Albany) lost 6-2 to Jesus Rosado (Moore)

138 Oscar Deleon (Jeff) lost to Brandon Cleveland (Fern Creek) by Major Decision

145 Brett Kempf (Prov) lost by Major Decision to Aleuero Aguilar (PRP)

152 Jacob Franklin (new Wash) lost 4-2 to Dominic Lampe (St. X)

160 Daniel Thompson (Jeff) lost by fall in :39 to Omar Jarvis (Central)

170 Mathew Hayes (Prov)lost by decision to Seron Martin (Jtown)

182 Seth McCutcheon (Charlestown) lost by decision to Sean Barrett (Southern)

195 Nick Lynch (New Albany) lost by fall in 5:40 to Thomas Noe (southern)

220 Brandon Brown(Jeff)  wins 11-10 over Nick Wafzig (St. X)

285 Gary Gaines (Jeff) lost by fall to Trevor Ford (DeSales) in 3:14


Round 2

Southern Indiana A 26, Jefferson County A 35

106 Nick Douglass (Southern) wins 20-9 over Jasi Coureur (Jeff)

113 Nathan Thompson (DeSales)  wins by fall in :55 over Xavier Weekly (Jeff)

120 Alonzo Shepherd (Jeff) wins 12-2 over Bryan Crowley (Southern)

126 Jordan Schremp (Jeff) wins 10-2 over Max Khorfage (St. X)

132 Jesus Rosado (moore) defeats Hunter Castleberry (New Albany (16-6)

138 Cory Troutman (Floyd Central) wins 9-3 over Brandon Cleveland (Fern Creek)

145 Aluero Aguilar wins 9-2 over George Emily (Floyd)

152 Brent Browner (Jeff) wins 11-8 over Dominic Lampe of (St. X)

160 Omar Jarbus (Central) wins by fall over Aaron Dean (New Wash)

170 Seron Martin (Southern) lost by fall to Brandon Marlin (Jeff) in 1:53

182 Sean Barrett(Southern) wins by fall over Jackson Randell(Floyd)  in 1:22

195 Elijah Curtley (Jeff)  lost by fall to Thomas Noe (Southern)

220 Nick Wafzig(St. X)  lost by fall to Nick Ottersbach (Floyd)  in 1:05

285 Trevor Ford (Desales)  wins 4-2 over Gavin Jolley-Little (Jeff)


Round 2

Southern Indiana B 15 Jefferson County KY B 57

106 Stevie Jones (Jeff) lost 14-0 to Jeff Moreman (Jtown)

113 Davon Adams (Central)  wins by forfeit

120 Trey Lynch (New Albany) lost by fall in 3:19 to Jason Hall (Moore)

126 Austin Jamison (New Albany) wins by fall in 4:30 over Austin Miller (DeSales)

132 Oscar Deleon(Jeff)  wins 11 – 5 over Nathan Haddad (St. X)

138 Bryce Peavler (New Albany) lost by fall in 4:44 to Collin Taylor (Doss)

145 Brett Kempf (Prov) lost by fall in 5:16 to Justin Lampe (St. X)

152 Jacob Franklin (New Wash) won by  fall in :43 to Hazel Lopez (Jtown)

160 Daniel Thompson (Jeff) lost by fall in 1:30 to Blake O’Neil (Southern)

170 Matthew Hayes (Prov) lost by fall to Noah Bauer in 2:37 (Jtown)

182 Seth McCutcheon (Charlestown) lost 7-6 to Sam Wilbanks (Moore)

195 Nick Lynch (New Albany)  lost by fall in 4:44 to Justin McDaniel (Moore)

220 Brandon Brown (Jeff)  lost 12-5 to Carmel Floyd (Central)

285 Gabriel Lord (Fern Creek) defeats Gary Gaines (Jeff) by fall in 1:05


Last year Indiana went 4-0

This year Indiana went 1-3


Jeff Kids on the A team were: 9-6 on the night, Floyd on the A team were 4-4,  New Albany was 1-1 for the A team, and new Wash was 0-2 for the A team.


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