Jefferson Smith


  • Safehouse                                                 Agent Michael (Supporting)                  Skyrocket Productions
  • Flanking the Sentinel                            Private Will (Lead)                                   Crimson Chain Productions
  • Ex-Mas Eve                                              Chris Motley (Lead)                                 Silver Edge Films
  • Red Legged Devils                                  Major Davies (Supporting)                     C Squared Pictures

  • Blown Years                                             Tim Tate (Supporting)                             Bottom of the Barrel Productions
  • Techfellas                                                  Helpdesk Guy (Supporting)                   19th & Wilson, Inc.
  • Close                                                          Lt. Bradley (Supporting)                         Someday Films
  • When Mom & Dad Fought                    Officer James (Supporting)                     Martin Mathews


  • Invention Series                                      Adolphe Le Prince (Principal)                History Channel
  • Unmasking Robert Hanssen                 Agent Livingston (Principal)                 Discovery Channel
  • Stolen Thunder                                       William Dickson (Principal)                    History Channel
  • Signals                                                      Special Agent Smith (Principal)            Roman Pictures
  • Information Avenue #35                        Narrator (Principal)                                 Channel 16
  • Monologue                                              Chris Motley (Principal)                         Montgomery Community TV

  • Mystery of the Bog Mummies                Old Croghan Man (Principal)                National Geographic Channel


  • Outside the Wire                                     Sergeant Wallace (Principal)                 Will Interactive
  • County Recycling                                   Neighbor (Principal)                               Preston Productions
  • Bad Interview                                          Job Candidate (Principal)                      Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Len Stoler Lexus                                     Car Buyer (Principal)                              Preston Productions
Green Screen Elements                          Model (Principal)                                   Interface Multimedia
  • Career Fair PSA                                     Bedraggled Worker (Principal)            Fairfax County TV

  • Building Safer Organizations              Barry Glitter (Principal)                          InterAction

  • Choice Hotels                                          Hotel Guest (Principal)                          The Production Line

  • Military One Source                               Spec. Carter (Principal)                         Firebrand Productions


    • Music Man                                               Winthrop Paroo                                    St. Anthony’s
    • Balm in Gilead                                        John                                                        Jeremy Skidmore
    • Othello                                                      Supernumerary                                     The Kennedy Center


    • Acting Intensive                                      Terry Schreiber, Baltimore, MD
    • Fundamentals of Acting                         Larry McCormick, McLean, VA
    • Acting on Camera                                    Martin Blank Studio, Bethesda, MD
    • Characters & Their Voices                     Gary Austin & Wenndy MacKenzie
    • Acting/ Improv                                        Gary Austin