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Jefferson County, Kentucky Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Jefferson County, Kentucky. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (JeffCoARES)® is an all volunteer group of licensed amateur radio operators who have registered their qualifications and equipment and undergone specialized training for emergency communications duty during natural or man-made disasters. We also offer our communications services free of charge to community events around the area such as walks, runs, bike rides, festivals, carnivals and other gatherings. We use these events as a training opportunity and a way to educate the public about amateur radio.

ARES is organized and sponsored by the American Radio Relay League.

ARES groups have responded to local and regional disasters since the 1930s, including the attacks of September 11, 2001, the 2003 North America Blackout and Hurricane Katrina. Each year, ARES groups around the nation deploy for a variety of  local disasters such as severe thunder storms, tornados, floods, wildfires and other incidents.
Locally, ARES members have responded to such recent disasters as the 2008 Windstorm, the 2009 Ice Storm and blackout and the March 2012 Tornadoes in Clark County Indiana. 

Amateur radio provides a means of communication when all others fail because unlike commercial systems, amateur radio is not dependent on terrestrial facilities like cellular network sites or computer controllers that can be disabled or destroyed. It is dispersed throughout the community without these "choke points".


JeffCoARES News

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 Weekly Net
The weekly JeffCoARES net is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm eastern on the W4PF repeater 146.880MHz
-600KHz offset PL 100.0. The purpose of this net is to provide information and coordination concerning the activities of Jefferson County, Kentucky ARES and it is associated with the National Traffic System. It is also intended to serve as a weekly emergency net training session. We welcome and encourage all amateurs to check into the net even if you are not an ARES member.  Download the net control script.

Net Control Operator List


“ARES”® and “Amateur Radio Emergency Service”® are registered servicemarks of the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated and are used by permission.