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Joshua and his family are pleased to announce: 

The Yogurt Bebsite.

because we love yogurt 

(Joshua used to say "bebsite" instead of website.  But that was when he was four years old.  Now he is five years old and he says "website.")


August 18th, 2008: We've Jet...

 ...over to our new blog.  You're invited to join us at 

Oregonian Jefferies


So long and farewell to the Yogurt Bebsite.  We have many fond memories.  My you rest in peace.

August 17th, 2008: Archives 

Here is the link to our archives, as I am attempting to salvage the work that I have put in over the past 15 months.  I will post the link in my faves.  More coming soon...I promise!


July 1st, 2008: So Very Irritated

I just wanted to let you all know that we are still alive and doing lots of fun stuff.  I REALLY need to catch up the blog, but this stupid website is having major technical difficulties.  I am trying to clear out the page by creating an archive page, but that's not really working.  I may have to end up starting a whole new blog.  I will keep you all posted.  Much love.


June 2nd, 2008: RESPECT


 The Great Wave off Kanagawa

-woodblock print created by the Japanese artist Hokusai


May 15th, 2008: The Near-Death Experience of the Jefferies Family at Indian Beach

That's a rather dramatic headline, don't you think?  I had to do something to catch your attention after waiting almost a month to catch up on blogging.  Keep reading...there are several new posts here.  

 Anyway, we took off to the coast on the hottest 90 degree day of the year, so far.  We hiked on part of the Lewis and Clark trail and played in the sand at Indian Beach at dusk. 

We made the poor judgment call of hiking down the beach a long distance to find the one sandy spot for the boys to dig...while the tide was coming in (don't you judge!).   Sure it was fine for a while.  We didn't notice the tide slowly creeping up leaving us little room between the waves and the cliff to escape.   

The boys played and dug in the sand.



 Joshua practiced writing in the sand.



Et Voila: Joshua's Masterpiece:


Brent and I were taking in the sunset


Toby discovered a cool rock to play on and called it "the nest."  The nest would later save our lives...



The nest has a concave top.  So it was the perfect place for Toby to sit in and dump out buckets of wet sand.

Meanwhile...Joshua found a rock that was not quite as safe to play on.  We will call it "danger rock."  We saw Joshua climbing out there with the smallish waves wrapping gently around.  Being the good parents we are, we decided to climb with him to help keep him safe.  We went out there with Toby on my back and sat up there for several minutes just watching the waves come in.  After several minutes on danger rock, the smallish waves left us and were replaced by bigger, more scary, time to take action and move out of here waves.  As one particularly large wave receded, leaving the sand exposed for a few brief seconds, we scurried down with the boys on our backs and deposited them on the much safer and farther away from the waves nest rock.  We now realized that it was time to pack up and hike back up the beach before we got trapped by the tide.  We gathered our things, but could not find one of Joshua's sandals.  We were searching all the nooks and crannies for it.  Finally Brent found it and we moved over to the nest to get the boys and their pails.  Brent was on the nest and just as I was stepping up, the HUGEST sneaker wave crashed in, missing my feet by mere inches, and enveloping all land within our reach.  Before the sneaker wave, the nest had remained several tens of feet out of reach from even the largest of waves.   As the wave crashed a million thoughts collided through my head: grab my purse!  grab THE BOYS!  Hold on tight!  (praying in my head) please help us!  how could we escape up the side of the cliff if we get cut off?  if we had waited one minute longer getting off danger rock we would have been creamed!  If we had waited one second longer getting up on the nest we could have been swept out to sea.  Well, thankfully it WAS only a sneaker wave so the next wave and the next were much smaller...leaving us an appropriate sized escape route up the beach.  So we quickly threw the boys on our shoulders, scooped up the rest of our belongings and RAN up the beach.  It didn't take long to get to where we had plenty of distance from the tide and were OK.

From now on we are keeping a tide chart in our glove compartment.  And I am thankful that the Lord is mindful of our safety and we were able to feel the impressions to MOVE when we did.

BAcking up are some pictures of the much less eventful Lewis and Clark hike:


This is the viewpoint of Indian Beach.  The tide was much lower at this earlier time.


 The cute little buddies found a little shelter under a log, perfect for taking a break.

I must say that I was very impressed with my boys' hiking skills.  We hiked uphill for about a mile.  Then on the way down, the boys took off running, very falling.  Brent and I looked at each other and were like "alright!  trail running!"  The boys were FAST!  We are now hoping to be a family of trail runners.  And the boys...they may just have a future in running if they keep this up.


March 16, 2008: More Bella Beach

  "My wife, the gorilla" -Brent

 Karate kick

 OK, actually I was doing leprechaun kicks (for St. Patricks Day) and Brent was trying to capture the exact right moment with the camera.  Yay for old, slow cameras!

Land sharks!

 Time to fly a kite!

 Playing with sea foam!

 Check out the magical waves

 Brent and Toby had a light saber duel up on the deck

 Grandma Jane by the sea

 Playing on the stairs

 the...wha?  Huh?

 What a goofy, fun day!


 As you can see, it is very difficult to get a good picture of our whole family together.  Tara dear, I think you are going to have your work cut out for you when you do our family pictures in July.  It's a good think you're a photography genius.  I'm thinking big bribes may work too. :-)

Hooray for dinner!

March 14, 2008: Weekend at Bella Beach with Grandma and Granddad Jefferies

Brent's parents came up to Oregon and rented a cute little cottage on the beach.  We joined them for the weekend.

  Joshua and Toby relaxing outside of the cottage

All ready for a walk on the beach

Joshua got to play with Grandma!

Toby got exceeding cold

Kate did a trick

Granddad took a really long walk on the beach

Kate tried to get Toby warmed up in her jacket

Toby got happy again, all warm in jacket

Toby fell asleep in Brent's jacket

It was a chilly, rainy day at the beach...burrr...too cold for Toby, so we took him back to the cottage.

Toby got warmed up and the grandparents watched a movie with Joshua and Toby while Brent and Kate took a formidable jog along the beach.  We also climbed some large rocks and found/explored the tide pools.  It was so lovely.  Thanks to the grandparents for letting us have some time alone together.  They boys had a lot of fun and really miss you!


March 13, 2008: Hats

Toby has discovered hats.  He loves them now and wants to wear one all the time.  In these pictures, he found one of Brent's old Australian hats. 

 Here is a picture of Joshua in the same hat in May of 2004



March 13, 2008: Disclaimer

I just wanted everyone to know that I am not monitoring your television usage.  I only monitor mine.  I put my last entry up here because I thought that many of you might find it interesting, as I did.  :-)  


March 13, 2008: "Turn Off the Idiot Box!"

"'s a disease just like the chicken pox!"  -The Aquabats

 "I'm the TV.  Turn me on and let me control your minds!  Hahaha!" :-)

OK...I am pleased to announce that we have just survived a whole week with NO television (except for me watching the last 10 minutes of American Idol last night).  

Let me explain: it all started last week when the boys got into a fight and they BIT each other (this is a new one for Joshua)!  I was so enraged, and after I cooled off I had them come up with their own punishment.  We had already cut Joshua's only video game (Star Wars Legos) back to one hour on Saturdays because he was wanting to play it all the time, so he didn't want to loose precious star wars time.  Instead they decided that they would have no television for a whole week.  It started out a little rough.  Ya know, they were asking me every hour if they could watch.  And I realized just how much I depended on their television time so I could get a couple hours of work done.  But as the week went on, they started to forget about the television.  They started finding all kinds of creative things to do.  They started imaginary play with eachother (Star Wars, of course!).  It has been such a quiet, peaceful week.  Joshua has become very talkative and his imaginary play has become very magical!  He has started pretending that I am his friend "Kwala" from a fun French kids web site

    Don't I look just like Kwala? :-)  Reminds me of myself when I was little.

Anyway, all of this is REALLY relavent.  I heard a health/science piece on National Public Radio about children and how imaginary play relates to the level of self regulation a child has.  IN the 50's (I think) was when television programs and advertisements started being directed to children.  The toys started to become more electronic.  The value of imagination was being lost as television programs and electronic toys gradually have replaced imaginary play.  In 1947 a study was done on children in 3 age groups.  3 year olds, 5 year old and 7 years olds were asked to hold still.  The 3 year olds couldn't hold still, the 5 year olds could hold still for 3-5 minutes and the 7 year olds could hold still as long as they were requested to.  This study was performed again in 2005.  As you can imagine, things have shifted.  The 3 year olds and 5 year olds could not hold still and the 7 year olds could only hold still for 3-5 minutes.  All of this change because children do not engage in good old fashioned imaginary play like they used to.  The explained that imaginary play helps children develop "self talk," which is that voice inside your head that you consult before you do something.  It helps you decide if that choice you're about to make is a good one or not.  So imaginary play helps the self talk develop and self talk helps kids learn to "self regulate."  It makes sense when you think about it.   There are many other reasons, says NPR why imaginary play is becoming lost.  For one thing children are not allowed to play by themselves and roam the neighborhood like they used to.  NPR said that when adults are involved there is less imaginary play.  Also-in school there has been such an increase in structured learning, and not as much free time for imaginary play.  

Brent and I were exploring these ideas.  I remembered that as a child we did not have a VCR for many years.  When we saw a movie, it was a family event.  We went to the theater very rarely.  When we watched a movie at home it was a big ordeal.  We had to rent a movie player as well as a movie.  So I remember that we would see the movie once and then the only way to re-live the movies we loved was through months of imaginary play.  In contrast to today where it is so easy to buy a movie and your kids can watch it over and over.  After this discussion, we took all of our movies and put them up very high in the closet.  We have decided that all of our movie watching experiences are going to be together as a family and on a much rarer basis.  When Joshua saw all the movies up in our closet he said "mom, I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is that I had a great day at school.  The bad news is that deedle (aka Brent) put all the movies where I can't reach them. " 

And going back to the Star Wars video first I was sorry that we got it for him because he wanted to play it too much.  Now he accepts that he can play it for one hour on Saturdays to "keep him healthy" he says.  But now I am glad he loves Star Wars because it has become the great foundation for many hours of imaginary play.  He and Toby go up on the top bunk or out to their playhouse and blast off to Corescant, Tattoiene or Naboo.  Everything they find that is cylindrical shaped becomes a light saber.  It is all good fun for them.  

And now that their television punishment is up, I hope that the imaginary play sticks and they feel less of a draw toward the television.  My lovelies can use all of the self regulation they can get.  :-)

Here are the links to some NPR articles on the subject of children and imaginary play:

NPR: Creative Play Makes for Kids in Control

NPR: Q&A: The Best Kind of Play for Kids

Happy playing!



March 13, 2008: Brooke White

Okay, this is kind of embarrassing because now I am admitting that I watch American Idol (American Idolatry, as Brent calls it :-).  Alright, I like it a lot.  It is the only thing I have watched besides PBS for the last 7 years.  But I have never voted, and I probably never will.  Last season I REALLY like Blake Lewis and his beat boxing.  This season I kind of dig Brooke White.

  Brooke White

I have not seen all of her I don't watch every single episode of American Idol.  But after seeing her last 3 performances, I am hooked.  She is my favorite performer of all 7 seasons.  So I set out to see her auditions and other performances on You Tube.  They are all great!  I hope she wins.  Of course she is living my dream...singing Carole King and being all folsky-cool.  If I had her voice I would have tried to go further with my music.  Here are some of my favorite performances:

"Love is a Battlefield" 

"Beautiful"-one of my very favorite songs

"Let it Be"

I was won over by her talent, by her sincerity, by her emotional performances, by her heart, by her confidence.  Then I went on to You Tube and watched her audition and Haha!  She is LDS...I know it!  She is from Mesa, Arizona, she has never seen a rated R movie, she doesn't drink, smoke, etc.  It's a give away! 

March 12, 2008: What do you think about this one?

The Bridgette Rug.  I know, it is totally different from the Jarett Rug, but I love the colors blue and brown together.  I also think it will look cool with the dark orange I have planned for the curtains, wall and pillows.  On  the definite plus side, it is much cheaper than the Jarett Rug.  Now hopefully it won't sell out really fast like the Jarett Rug.


February 19, 2008: Jarett Rug

 I am so sad.  This is the rug that I LOVE and want for my living room, and so does everyone else apparently.  I saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog a couple of months ago and decided that I could save up for it over several months.  But now it's sold out in every size except a 3x5!   I have such a hard time finding something that I REALLY like for my house.  It's just so pretty.  If any of you happen to see something similar to this rug anywhere, please let me know!  OK, I will live.


February 18, 2008: Goofy/Cute Joshua


 Cute smile!


February 16, 2008: Bike Ride

We've been waiting all winter for this nice spring weather so that we could take some family bike rides...but we were worried that Joshua was getting too big for the bike trailer and we wanted him to get exercise too.  Yet, he does not have enough endurance to keep up on really long rides.  So we bought a trail a bike for Joshua to ride on.  It's awesome!


On Saturday we discovered a new trail in our area.  It is called the Springwater Corridor Trail and it is part of a 40 mile bike trail around Portland.  It is so beautiful!  It is separate from the roads and it goes through the country, forest, wetlands and eventually on to the city.  We rode 7 miles into the trail when Joshua had a little slip and fell off of his bicycle.  :-(  He cried and we did a first aid assessment, but the only thing wrong was a pretty big scrape on his tummy.  Poor guy!

 His first real raspberry!  Actually he was up and doing fine really quick.  He was fine when I took this picture, but did a good job making a sad face nevertheless.   Toby did a really good job riding along in the trailer all by himself.  Ah!

 Here's to a great season of bike rides!!


February 15th, 2008: Good Dinner

Herbed mashed small red potatoes, cranberry-rosemary chicken and fresh brussels sprouts.  Looks even better on my new plates!


February 14th, 2008: Valentines!

Brent was working until 8:00, so I cooked dinner for us at home.  We had roasted red pepper sauce over cheese tortellini with artichokes for appetizers.  Yum!  It was a nice dinner.  And Brent brought me a pot of miniature roses!  



February 12th and 13th, 2008: The 30th Birthday Chronicles

So that's right.  I am now the big 30.  I thought I would be worried about getting old, but I'm not.  I'm happy with where I am and I feel fabulous!  On the 12th (my birthday) my mom and I met Anna-Karin and IKEA for shopping and lunch.  Then later we met my sister Lara and her boyfriend Jason for dinner at Old Wives Tales Restaurant.   The next day I was treated to a relaxing facial at the Aveda Institute!  It was a nice birthday treat.   


February 10, 2008: Sunday Dinner

We had a fun dinner with friends and family to celebrate my 30th birthday!  We had my mom, my sister Lara and her boyfriend Jason.  And since my mom was in town, she wanted to meet some of our friends that we spend a lot of time with.  So we invited our friends the Mansius Family, and also Anna -Karin Smith and her lovely family.  Anna-Karin's mom is one of my mom's best friends.  We all used to be in the ward (church) while I was in high school, so it was fun for my mom to see Anna again and meet her husband and two little girls.  It was a great time!


February 9, 2008: Visit from Grandma Georgina and Portland Ariel Tram Ride

Tram and Mt. Hood

Tram, Portland and Willamette River

Grandma Georgina flew in on February 8th to visit for a week to play with us and celebrate my 30th birthday!  On Saturday we had a lot of fun with my sister Lara and her crew.  First we met for a scenic tram ride overlooking downtown Portland.  The tram goes up to a city of hospitals and Oregon Health Sciences University situated on a hill above Portland.  There is one tiny road going up and down the hill and minimal amount of parking, so the city built the tram to make it easier to get up and down.  The tram ride was really fun and we were so lucky to have great warm weather.  Here are some pictures from the top of the tram:

 Grandma Georgina with Joshua and Kate

Sister Lara with Jason and his kids (they live in NW Portland)

Joshua sliding down the banister!  Yikes, where is his parental supervision?!


Turtle Boy


 Joshua sitting in the children's garden

  After the tram we had a fun lunch at the bottom of the tram.  We celebrated Jason's little boy's 3rd birthday with yummy cupcakes.  Then we went to the Pittock Mansion, swimming and ended with dinner at Auntie Lara's house.  It was a full, busy day!



February 2, 2008: Tagged...Forever ago!

Several of my friends tagged me ages ago to do this: List 6 facts/habits about yourself. At the end of the post tag 6 people to do it next.

1)I am still a kid at heart and I REALLY love to play with my kids.  Actually one of the reasons that I wanted kids was so I would have an excuse to go to the zoo, ride the big slide at the park or say, uh put a fun swing inside my house.

2)I graduated from BYU, but actually I don't know how I got in to BYU or passed many of my classes because I am a real SLACKER when it comes to studying.  

3)I have 3 sisters and three of us share each others names.  My oldest sister is Lara Catherine, then I am Katherine Heather and my youngest sister is Heather Cecilia.  My sister that is just older than me is Annika Marie...she is the odd one out.  

4)We thought that we'd give our boys a little connection with their names.  Their middles names are Clark and Kent...hehe.  Actually it was more of a coincidence that they happened to get those names.  

5)As a family. have the ambition to travel around the world.  We study travel videos and atlases together.  (This has mostly spun off of Joshua's interest).

6)I have the habit of jumping into lakes whenever I see one (as long as it's not too cold and there are not leaches).

There you go!  I still don't know very many people who blog on a regular basis besides the people who tagged me (come on family and friends ;-).  So anyone who reads this and hasn't already done it...TAG, you're it!


January 30, 2008: The Boys' Room!

My friend Tara came over last night and helped me paint the boys room.  It has taken me months to get this room together for them, and still I am not quite done, but I am pretty close.  I still plan to put in a little reading nook with book shelves and bean bags.  There is also this little tiny door, which leads to a crawl space.  We think it would be neat to turn it into a little play room, or at least a place to put their special treasures.  Well here are some pictures of the almost finished room:

 We bought the bunk bed on craigslist at the beginning of the summer, and spent the whole summer sanding and staining them.  Then I bought the duvet covers at IKEA to put over down comforters which we already had.  Then we got this cool swing from IKEA to give the kids something fun to do on rainy days.  And last, the walls were painted a really light blue.  You can hardly tell in this picture, but the walls are more of a robin egg blue and the ceiling is creame.  

 The boys together in their new swing.

I am sorry that this cute picture turned out a little blurry!

 I hope you like your bedroom little guys!


January 28, 2008: Just a Cute Smile from Toby



January 28, 2008: Our Beloved Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, Remembered

 I love this man of God and I was shocked to hear of his passing.  He was a treasure to the Church, the community, the country and the world.  His wit, charm, humor, compassion, energy, inspiration, genius and leadership will not be forgotten by the world.  He will be missed.  

I am also greatly overjoyed for him!  His reunion with his beloved wife must be wonderful beyond words. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes from President Gordon B. Hinckley:

In all living, have much fun and laughter.  Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


January 28, 2007: Oregon is a Great Place for Kids...

...because (in addition to church yesterday) school was canceled today due to a little less than an inch of snow.  Wowee!  Those lucky Oregonian kids!  

I guess that there is often a layer of ice under the snow here...making it quite treacherous to drive. 


January 27, 2008: Church is Canceled Because of this...

...thanks to this fine dusting of snow.  Now I KNOW I'm not in Utah anymore.  But seriously we had a nice day with our family at home.  Nice.


January 26, 2008: This is What We Found Deep Within our Toilet...

 Remember our post on January 18th about the toilet overflowing?  We tried and tried to "unclog" that beast over about 10 days, with no luck.  We knew something serious had to be down there.  So brave, brave Brent turned off the water and emptied the toilet, removed the whole dang thing (I didn't even know you could do that) and lo and behold, he snaked out a (quite large) truck from the recesses of the potty.  Thanks kids, thanks for the laughs.  Thanks that your pooh isn't that big to clog the toilet that badly.  Thanks for running downstairs to use the potty for 10 days.  PLEASE do NOT flush any more toys...  


January 25, 2008: Joshua's Photo Essay

I think most parents love to hear their children laugh, but for Joshua it is good medicine.  He helps me know that he is having good sensory integration and finding humor in the world.  It warms my heart.  So this evening Joshua found great pleasure with the camera.  First he was posing and telling me to take pictures.  Then I showed him how to take pictures, and he had  a lot of fun capturing our home from his perspective.

First he had me take these pictures of him: 


Then he took this picture of me.  Funny to see what his perspective of me is.  Not a bad photo for a five year old.  Maybe he has a budding talent...

He also wanted to take a picture of Jesus. :-)

Next he wanted me to take more pictures of him.  He was giggling at himself after each photo.

Next he took some random pictures around the house of the table, his art,  his sword and Brent.

 And last, I helped him take these pictures of Toby sleeping on the floor.  A note about Toby: he has been tapering out of his daily mid-afternoon nap.  This has been causing him to be extraordinarily sleepy around dinner time.  He fell asleep on the floor while we were eating dinner.  Poor guy...I need to figure out a new schedule for him now that he is growing out of his nap.  Look how cute he is sleeping on his stuffed monkey.


January 16, 2008:A Winter Day at Cannon Beach

Forgive me for going a little out of order.  It had been 4 long months since we visited the coast, so we took a little drive out for an evening walk on the cold winter beach.  Then we warmed up to bread bowls of fresh clam chowder-the best I've ever had.  Cool restaurant, run by the fisherman who catches what the place serves.  Here's our little photo essay of the wintery Cannon Beach:

  We lOVE the sea.


January 21, 2008: LOST with OWLS

It was Sunday afternoon and we had no plans.  No family to visit, no dinner with friends, no service to do.  So we decided to enjoy a family walk and appreciate nature.  We don't get many chances to take walks or hikes as a family during the week in winter because it gets dark before Brent gets home from work.  So we headed over to Tryon Creek State Park (in the middle of Portland) to go for a little nature stroll down to the creek and back.  Mind you, it was dusk...but we hike quite a lot and we were confident.

Now, Tryon Creek is a park which consists of very many windy trails that interconnect so you can choose to do a small stroll or a vigorous hike.  We weren't up for the vigorous hike as it was almost dark and it was Sunday (we try not to get too serious with our hiking on the Sabbath Day).  We got down to the creek and were going to take the short loop back up to the parking lot, but we must have missed the trail because we kept going and going and going.  I was relying on Brent's innate sense of direction to get us out of the labyrynth of trails, but we just kept getting further in.  I finally realized that Brent wasn't sure about where we were going.  Joshua was getting impatient to get back and it was getting dark fast.  I was starting to get worried, although I knew we could eventually find our way back, I just didn't know when.  I told Joshua to keep calm because that would make the trip faster and less scary.  He did a really good job.  Then we hit the darkest and deepest, most scary part of the park and overhead we started to hear several owls (it must have been three or four).  Now I thought that was really cool, but they did sound really creepy and the boys were really scared.  Toby, who was in the kid backpack just fell asleep out of pure scardness, I am sure.  Joshua just clutched my arm tightly and continued to hike on as a little trooper.  We took the opportunity to discuss the life of owls with Joshua and that passed the time and made it less scary for him.  

We eventually came to a crossroads in the trails and had to make a decision.  We decided to say a prayer to help guide us back.  We quickly felt urged to go to the left even though earlier we were both thinking right.  Well, the left took us straight down to the main bridge and up to our car.  We were all delighted and thankful for prayer and the help we can get in our lives.   

After we got home, Brent checked the map for the Tryon and we figure that we hiked almost 3 miles.  

Just in case you are interested in looking, here is a link to the map of Tryon Creek State Park.   We started at the nature center and hiked down to the red fox bridge.  We then looped around on the cedar trail, went over bunk bridge and somehow ended up on the west horse loop.  Eventually we decided to head toward high bride and we knew we were homefree from there. 

What an adventure!


 January 18 2008: A Sticky, Watery, Gooey Day...

Arg.  So it was just one of those days that you want to forget...until time passes and then you can start to laugh about it.  

It started out pooey and watery when Joshua accidentally put too much @#$%?? down the upstairs toilet and flushed it too many times.  Then there was water and @#$%?? all over the floor and by the time I got up there it was quickly approaching the carpet.  I think I threw up a little in my mouth while I cleaned that up.  

After that was done and I put the towels in a HOT wash with bac-out (bleach alternative), I showered all the yuck off of me.  I came out of the shower to find that the boys had been trying to pour juice for themselves and spilled the whole pitcher all over the floor.  Ug.  Sticky, sticky, sticky.  I had Joshua start to mop it up since he is getting more proficient in helping around the house.  I then proceeded to mop 3 more times...and the floor is still sticky.  If anyone has any great tips on getting the sticky out, send me an email.  We do have wood floors so we are only supposed to use water to clean them.

Now for the grand finale of the day!  I was catching up on email when I started to hear a drip, drip sound coming from my bedroom.  Water was dripping from the smoke detector on my bedroom ceiling.  OH NO!  I ran upstairs to find a naked Toby and a bathtub completely running over.  This time it reached the carpet (at least there was no pooh in it) and was a couple of inches deep in the bathroom.  At that moment I thought "where is this child's mother!?"  I quickly soaked up the water with towels and put our big fan outside the door to dry everything out.  I am mostly worried about water damage in the floor/ceiling.  But that was not the end of the drama.  The water that got in the smoke detector set off the smoke detectors in the whole house (they are all hard wired, I found out).  I could not get them to stop for a few hours.  We finally left to a birthday party in the hopes that it would be off when we got home (and it was, thankfully).  The boys were so scared of the fire alarm!  Toby kept saying something like "I will never fill the bathtub again because I don't want to make that loud bird angry."  Well that is good, but does anyone want to help me remodel the upstairs bathroom and make it totally water proof? 

Hope your day was as swingin' as mine!    


January 10, 2008: Dinner

Joshua LOVES to eat.  He loves trying new foods and he is always really appreciative of it when I make a good dinner.  So much so that when he tried the dinner tonight he said "Delicious dinner, princess!"

Wow!  Who knew that I was the cooking princess mom? 


January 2, 2008: Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited for this NEW YEAR and what it holds.  Life is getting better every year.  I also wish the best for all of you.  

Well, New Years Eve was fun...we spent our time playing games over at our friend's house the Mansius family.  For all of you "Settlers of Catan" players...we played a new game that I like even more than Settlers.  It's called "Ticket to Ride Europe."  

 You build your train routes all over Europe.  We also had a delicious dinner.  Thanks a lot to the Mansius family...we always have a riot with you!

So I have been brewing some NEW YEARS resolutions, in 4 catagories:

AS in the Bible...  Luke 2:52

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.


1) To increase in Wisdom I plan on reading more books about parenting so I can become the go-to girl for parenting advice (maybe if we have more kids my parenting will be perfect?  Haha!).  I also hope save the funds to take a certification class of some sort this continue in my profession.  I can't decide if I would like to take a Certified Lactation Counselor class, a Certified Childbirth Educator class, or a Certified Doula class.  I guess I will have to see how it works out.  I also hope to achieve some kind of self-employed practice  by the end of the year.  I would love to be a doula if I could arrange babysitting.  I also plan to go back and re-read all of the literature that I "supposedly" read in high school and college but could  not fully appreciate because my brain was so stuffed with fluff and busy with all of my other homework.  

2) To increase in stature I plan to run The Newport Marathon on Saturday, May 31, 2008; along the coast of Oregon.  I am drawing up a training schedule for Brent and I if anyone wants to join in send me an email.  I also plan to wake up early, before the boys every day to do Pilates and Yoga.

3)To increase in favor with God I plan to go the extra mile with my church callings or jobs.  I am the enrichment leader, a nursery worker (for the second time in a few years), and a visiting teacher.  I also plan to get up early and read my scriptures every day, along with my yoga and pilates.  I am hoping to achieve a spiritual center that will allow me greater charity for others, but especially my little boys.

4)To increase in favor with Man I plan to keep my house tidier than ever, and cook good meals.  And as I said in an earlier post, I plan on having good food and friends over.  So I must continue in my old relationships and continue to gain new friends.  "Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other is gold." -old folk song.  So keep in mind old friends and family that we have an awesome guest room here waiting for you so we can have good food and parties.  Oh yes, and I plan to get the boys to bed earlier so Brent and I can spend some more time together.  And we also have the goal to do 4 dates a month; one temple date, one babysitter date and two family dates.  Right now all we do is family dates.  We also want to take a trip this year for our anniversary without the kids.  Anyone want to babysit?  Brent and I are best friends and we really appreciate each other...and it will be even better to spend more time together.

5)It is also my temporal goal to get my backyard mostly landscaped this year...and to get the basics of decorating done on the interior.  

 So there you go!  Have a great, wonderful and happy NEW YEAR!  


December 31, 2007: Funny little Toby

First of all, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sister Elizabeth Jefferies on her Ohio LDS mission!

Anyway, Toby has been quoting lines from movies and books almost compulsively lately.  My favorite is from "Meet the Robinsons," which we only saw once.  It goes like this:

Coo, coo, coo-cooo

I know your not a pigeon!

You're blowing my cover kid!

It is the funniest thing in the world to hear my little two year old saying to me "you're blowing my cover kid."  I crack up every single time.  I also like it when he says "Don't sass me boy!".  


December 24-25, 2007: A Beautifully Unexpected Christmas

Christmas time is magical.  I love experiencing it through the eyes of a child once again, now that I have children of my own.  Things undoubtedly have been different this year for us, many of them bittersweet.  It was our first Christmas away from Utah.  We missed the orderly organization of the tasting party and gift opening at my side of the family and the all out craziness of the unorganized paper shredding of Brent's family.  Mostly we missed our family and friends.  But we also enjoyed the quiet serenity of our own little misty Oregon home.  It was nice to focus on our little family and enjoy some new friends.  But our plans here in Oregon did not quite go as expected either.

About a week before Christmas Joshua and Toby came down with a nasty virus.  They both had fevers, chills and sore throats.  The Saturday before Christmas Joshua was bit by a spider and his foot was red and swollen.  Then the Sunday before Christmas I woke up with the virus too.  I had to miss church and singing in the Christmas program, which is always one of my favorite things about Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, Toby was feeling jealous that Joshua got medicine for his foot and he decided to drink the Children's Benedryl.  I found the empty bottle on the kitchen counter with the lid off and some of it spilled.  I did not know how much he drank, if any (I didn't even think he could get the lid off, as I've seen him fail many times) I had to take him to the emergency room just in case.  Things were dead there when we arrived at 4:00 pm, and we went on to stay 4 more hours for observation.  Brent got off work at 6 and met us over there.  We spent Christmas Eve  in the Willamette Falls Hospital ER suite watching the family favorites on TV, rudolph, frosty, The Polar Express.  Toby was alright and we were discharged.  By the time we got home it was 8:30 and we didn't have time to prepare the glorious meal we were planning.  So we ate fruit salad and finger foods ala Hickory Farms (thanks mom).  We put out our treats for Santa and his Reindeer and put the boys to bed.

         I pondered on the unexpected events and realized how grateful I was that we were all relatively healthy and that Toby did not die or get very sick.  I went to bed grateful to the grace of God that we've all been spared.  

    In the morning Brent woke up with the fever and chills that we had all experienced.  We were all grateful that he had three days off to mend.  I was still sick, but the body aches and fever part were past so I managed to make a Christmas morning omlette.  We opened our presents and had a really great time playing with toys and watching a special movie that depicts the birth of our Saviour.


   OVERJOYED with candy canes!  Aw, children!


The thing that I love about my boys is that each gift they open is a treasure!  They spend the time examining it and they want to open it and play with it.  They don't care that there are more for them to open still.  I appreciate their wonder and awe.  It sure make Christmas nice.  Here are some of their favorites (th0ugh they loved them all!):

 STAR WARS Lego computer game

We, ahem...I mean Santa decided that Joshua would go berserk if all of his friends had video games and he did we will be doing very few games for the PC, mostly educational games...but common!  Little boys love Star Wars.  And he does love his new game.  Here's a funny Toby story...he loves to watch Joshua play and he LOVES AR-TOO-DEE-TOO, except he gets mixed up and calls him AR-TEE-TOO-TEE.

Toby enjoys his new ball game.

A cool book about SPACE.  Joshua really wanted one.


My mom sent a cool book on DRAWING.  Joshua loves to draw and enjoys this book.  He enjoys all books!  Thanks everyone.  (For some reason the web page is mal-functioning.  Click on this pic if you want to see the one that really goes here.)

Look at that sweet face.  He loved his human body puzzle.  There are six layers of puzzle pieces in one frame.  The is a clothes layer, a skin layer, a muscles layer, an organs layer and a bones layer.  Both of the boys have quite an interest in the human body.  Could it be all the anatomy text books lying around the house?  Toby also enjoyed his books too, just like Joshua.  Thanks!

Brent's biggest surprise was The Beatles movie "Help."  I ordered it for him off of, but I did not know it was the Korean version.  The movie is the same, but you can have Korean subtitles.  That is pretty funny.

Toby LOVES stuffed animals right now.  He was very happy to receive two bears on Christmas day.  This little one with the red sweater from his Great Aunt, Toby calls "Sweetie Bear."  He also received a teddy bear from Grandma with a timer on its tummy (for time outs or timing TV, etc), but Toby calls it "Mom Bear."  Together they are a pair: Sweetie Bear and Mom Bear.  They have to sleep with him at night.  And the nice thing is that when Mom Bear is in bed with Toby, his human Mama can sneak away much easier.  That's an unexpectedly nice Christmas gift for me :-).  Toby has started pairing lots of things together and giving them similar names.  For example he'll take two of my fingers.  My pinky is the Sweetie Finger and the taller one is the Mom Finger.  He also named our two can openers of different size; the bigger one being the Mom Can Opener and the smaller one is Sweetie Can Opener.  I guess he thinks that Mom's children are called Sweetie since I often call him that.  Isn't he cute?

Here's a funny gift that Santa just couldn't resist!  Made by the infamous Spoonman who sets up shop at the Portland Saturday Market.


And then there's the yearly posing tradition that I have started with my gifts.

Brent got me the COOLEST gift ever!  It was a box of emergency essentials, including packets of H2O and rationed concentrated food sticks...kind of like Elvish Lembus Bread from "The Lord of the Rings."

SAM: Frodo? It's the Ring isn't it?

FRODO: It's getting heavier. What food have we got left?

SAM: Well, let me see. Oh yes, lovely. Lembas bread. And look! More lembas bread. I don't usually hold with foreign food, but this elvish stuff is not bad.

FRODO: Nothing ever dampens your spirits does it Sam?

SAM: Those rain clouds might.


Oh my, it turns out that I'm a LOTR geek as well as a Trekkie.  Haha!  

Yes, well I digress.  The package was very cool with a nice red backpack to put it all in.  I will post some pictures of it later.  Those of you who know me well, know that I used to be known as the preparedness girl at girls camp.  And we are trying to build our supplies now that we have our own house.  Ooo, I also got a really cool Juicer from Brent.  We are so excited for all the possibilities with fresh Oregonian produce and a juicer!

 Despite still being quite sick, though not as sick as Brent at this time...I managed to put together a lovely Christmas dinner of Butterflied Chicken (ala Aunt Kathy style) which was marinated in a Tandoori Sauce, Garlic-Herb Mashed Potatoes, and green beans from a *ahem* a can.  I had to use a can on Christmas because I wasn't able to make it to the store on Christmas Eve like I had planned.  Oh and I made delicious, fresh gala apple juice with my new juicer..

We are so grateful for all of the Christmas Cards we received from friends and family.  THANK YOU!  They were all beautiful.  To all of our friends and family: we missed our usual parties...sorry we couldn't make it back this year.  Brent could not get off enough days and we were all sick.  We love you though and are always thinking about you.  A hearty Congratulations for each of the new babies born this month (and also due this coming year!  Yea, more babies!).

  And as always we want you to all know of our profound gratitude for our SAVIOUR Jesus Christ.  He is our greatest friend and we are so glad that he was born on Christmas morn.

And then came our CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!  


 And just look at that happy kid!  When he repeatedly asked if Christmas was here, he would add "but where is the snow?"  He's only known white Christmases.  I had to explain (tenderly) that we may not get snow here.  But much to our delight, a steady dusting started just as we finished opening gifts. 



Eat snow...YUMMY!

Making Great Destinations around the neighborhood.

We wanted to build a snowman, but after scraping together the minimal amount of snow on our lawn, Joshua dubbed it 'The Snow Boy."  Brent was surprised that we even had enough for a snow boy.

Oh, and Toby munched the end of the carrot nose off our snow boy because he loves carrots.

The End 

(of the carrot and the long story.  Thanks for reading...come back soon!)


December 19, 2007: My first Gourmet Pizza

Right in line with our new house and our nice big (to us) kitchen, Brent and I have decided to put more effort into making and enjoying delicious food this year.  The purpose of designing our new dining room and our backyard patio area is to accommodate food, friends and parties...small and large alike.  Anyway, we are experimenting with new recipes and our family really enjoyed this pizza with a home made whole wheat crust.  (Our selections will most often be delicious and healthy since we are both in health professions.)  Anyway here it is:


December 18, 2007: Again, Joshua

I keep forgetting stories that I wanted to add.  I suppose that I either have too much going on or I'm losing my marbles.  May be a bit of both!!  

Anyway, when we were decorating our gingerbread houses, Joshua took a little piece of frosting that had hardened a little bit, but not all the way and he was playing with it.  He rolled it into a ball and then was sculpting little objects out of it.  After a little while he came up to Brent and I and showed us his ear.  It was completely full of the frosting wad he had been playing with.  Brent immediately set to work extracting the frosting, which is difficult because of how soft it still was.  Brent was able to pull most of it out, but some of it was pushed all the way down to his eardrum.  We  eventually had to take a small syringe and flush the frosting out of his ear.  Doesn't every little kid eventually get something stuck in one of their orifices? 

ALSO-a big hearty congratulations to Joshua!  Last Friday he read his first full book AND played his first full game of Monopoly with mama all in the same day!  Way to go little guy!  We are very proud of you!


December 17, 2007: More Silly Joshua

OK, so reading some of my other friends' blogs has made me come to realize that I totally need to lighten up about my kids.  Other people's kids do silly and crazy things, but their parents use the teaching moment and then move on to make funny about it.  Kids ARE crazy and silly and funny.  We adults totally need to capitalize on that and get our comic relief.  So yeah, my kids aren't always perfect, heck...they are far from it.  But they sure are fun and hilarious!  And they sure are trying hard to please us and not be naughty.  So, it is the end of the first half of the year of KINDERGARTEN for Joshua and I thought that I would share some funny things that have happened to him in school this 1/2 year.

There is this girl in Joshua's class that he used to sit next to named Zoe.  She is a bundle of cuteness.  She is short and spunky and has curly blond hair.  She models for a local store up here, that's how cute she is.  Well, Joshua's teacher told us that Joshua had taken a liking to Zoe and would often do things like gently pull on her curls.  Now teacher said that Joshua was probably fascinated with her curls, etc, but Zoe did not like Joshua doing that so we had to tell him to stop.   The teacher did not mention any other Zoe related items for a while and then one day she told us that Joshua passed Zoe in the hall on the way to the bathroom and Joshua said to Zoe:

"Hiya Toots!"  

The teacher and I were really tearing up over how funny that was, but seriously...We do NOT know where Joshua learned that from.  

 OK, another funny thing that happened was Joshua pretending to cut a girl's hair who sits next to him.  Honestly sometimes when I hear some of the things he does I am mortified, but after we have a good talk I can find the humor in all of it.  I don't think I would be laughing too hard if I was that girl's mom though.  Hopefully she won't find out about it.  


December 16, 2007: Our Christmas Tree

So, we've had it up for several weeks now, but it has been knocked over a couple of times by boys who like to hide behind it.  I finally got it stabilized and put all of the ornaments back on.

Finally!  Something that is big enough to fill the corner of our living room.


December 16, 2007:  Joshua Quotes of the Week

"I am the fastest kid in the UNIVERSE" and then he proceeds to zoom around the house at top speeds.

"Jesus has no bones.  I learned in church when Jesus was resurrected he said 'touch me, for I have no bones.'"


December 15: 2007: Super Frothy Bubble Bath

We didn't realize that the jets in our master bath tub were really super bubble bath makers.  

 And here are some adorable apres-bath pics:

 I know it's not the best picture of me, but the boys were so dang adorable!


December 15, 2007: Phefferkuchen (Gingerbread)

OK, first I have to admit that I bought the ready to go gingerbread house kits for the boys this year because I had so much going on with Joshua's school and planning our church's Christmas party.  That was a major mistake.  Those kits were disgusting!  But at least it was tons of fun for the little boys.  I had to make my mom's gingerbread recipe afterward just so I could taste real gingerbread.  


December 15, 2007: Our Little Shepherd

Yesterday was our church's Christmas party and Joshua participated in a nativity scene with some of the other children.  The little shepherd walked out after the stars and the animals and alongside Mary and Joseph.  After everyone was on stage and in their positions, they froze while some other children sang a few Christmas Songs.  It was sweet and solemn and still until our little shepherd decided to crash to the ground and pretend to sleep.  The rest of the children finished well, as if nothing had happened, but most of the people in the audience (including Brent and I) were teary-eyed trying to contain our laughter.  At moments like these I try not to be embarrassed but to enjoy my little son's comedic timing. 


December 6, 2007: Cleaning out the toy room

Today we FINALLY got rid of this funny Chinese toy that we got for Joshua several Christmases ago.  It was this car/track racing toy which was completely shoddy.  It did not work well and the plastic broke easily and often.  But we just couldn't get rid of the toy because of all the funny things the box said.  We preserved this picture for posterity before we recycled the box:


December 4, 2007: Christmas Party

This year I got to be in charge of the Relief Society (just for the ladies) Christmas Party at our church.  My friend Tara and I sang a couple of songs together "O Holy Night," and "Silent Night" with me playing the guitar.  It was fun, as I haven't done anything like this in a long time.



November 29, 2007: Christmas Tree

We are really celebrating getting our first full size Christmas tree (in years)!  This is the first time since our first Christmas married that we have room for a tree.  And there is no better place than Clackamas County to get a fresh Christmas tree.  There are hundreds of tree farms with in a few miles radius of us.  So we drove over to a neighbor and paid $10 for this beauty!



November 24, 2007: Boys at the Park 

They really love those tire swings.  They are all over the parks here.

Here are some picture taking attempts:



November 21, 2007: Our Recycled Playground

The day before Thanksgiving Brent, the boys and I spent the day putting together a neat little playground that our dear friends Anna-Karin and Larry gave us.  They boys are totally excited to have a fort under the trees with a fun wavy slide.  We plan to spend the next few months adding on more playground components to make the ULTIMATE yard of fun!  (The boys always have lots of energy to burn.)



November 6, 2007: Kate's Joys

1- Toby is potty trained completely with next to no accidents!  Yea!  It was so easy and quick to train him.

2- Trader Joe's has the best cheese!  I just discovered it this week.  

3-I LOVE Craigslist...hear me sing my ODE to craigslist!!!  While I have bought off of it several times, I posted my first two ads there yesterday.  My washer and dryer sold within 5 minutes and my kittens were gone by the time Brent got home from work.  I am doing my happy dance!!  (We decided to keep one kitten [Anders] to keep his mama Martha company).  

4-Brent and I FINALLY finished the re-finishing the bunk beds for the boys' room.   I like them so much...I wish I was still a kid.  When Toby walked in and saw them he said "wow!  a house bed!"  His bunk is on the bottom.  And Joshua said "NEAT!  It's like a treehouse bed!"  I will post pictures later after I finish the whole room.

5-The POWER of POSITIVE PARENTING!  Brent and I had the opportunity of going to a class based on the book by Glen Latham and it was so helpful.  We have been trying to be really positive with the boys and...let's just just say that it's making our house a lot more pleasant.  It is really changing their behavior.  I wish I knew this 5 years ago!

6-The beautiful Oregonian autumn we are having.  It has only rained one week since autumn started and the rest of the days have been warm and sunny.  The mornings are usually shrouded in mist or fog.  Today there was a severe weather warning for extreme heavy fog!  I love it, and I am really glad that Brent works so close to where we live.

7-Playing soccer with the kids at Joshua's school when I was, recess duty.  Soccer is such's been way too long since I've been able to play.

8-Drawing pictures with Joshua.  Over that weekend Joshua and I drew some pictures of our expectations for him.  He colored them all in and we laminated it.  He is very proud of it, carries it around the house and is very quick to do what we expect of him.  He has been very helpful setting and clearing the table, putting away toys and books, sharing with Toby and most of all listening to his parents and not getting so upset.  

9-Falafel with Tzatziki sauce on warm wheat pita bread. Oh yummy!  (thanks Ariana!) 


November 3, 2007: Mount Saint Helens

Brent has had a fascination with the Mt. St. Helens web cam for the past 4 years, so we finally took the 2 hour drive north to go see her in person.   

 On the drive up.  What a beauty!  And to think that she used to be almost twice as tall.

 Here is a picture of the valley filled in with the mud and lava


The river flowing through the volcanic remnants, far below


Tilt your head to the left and see Mt. St. Helens with the river valley filled in with
 mud floes

 This is a closer pic of Mt. St. Helens, as we were hiking the ridge just to the North.  It is just amazing to see half of the old mountain down in that valley.  When the volcano blew (in 1980) there were winds of 700 miles/hour which knocked down all the trees.  There are places where the trunks are still there...all blown down laying in the same direction.  And the floes of mud and rock came washing up over the ridge we were standing on at speeds of 100 miles/hour.  Can you imagine a boulder with the force of its weight times the speed of 100 mph??  Those are some serious forces!  27 years later here we are and it is still barren.  The trees are no longer thriving here.

Here's a close up of the top of Mt. St. Helens and the Cinder Cone right in the middle.  Do you see the clouds of steam from the volcano there?

 Brent and Toby

 Kate and Joshua

 Josh and Toby action shot

Kate, right on top of the floes that washed over Johnson's Ridge

Close up of the valley between the volcano and the ridge (prohibited to hikers)

 Some very cute Joshua pictures ahead...I guess he decided to be photogenic today

 I tried to get a cute one of the boys together but Toby moves quicker than our camera!

 Joshua posed for a picture with his "surprised" face

Cheesy grin

Just being Joshy

2007 Halloween Fun!

The kids had a lot of fun carving pumkins and going trick 'o treating in our neighborhood.  It was very exciting for them. 

 Joshua and Brent created a "Strongbad" jack 'o lantern.  Strongbad is a character from "Homestar Runner", which Joshua a Brent occasionally enjoy together

The completed Project


All ready for Trick or Treating

Kate's pumpkin on the left and Joshua/Brent's on the right


 Check out the spoils!

I gave them ten minutes to eat whatever they wanted and then we put the candy up

It really looks like Toby ate a ton of candy...but he would open a piece, take a taste, set it down and move on to the next


October 20, 2007: Joshua's Charity Blanket

Joshua's school was not held on the 22nd so that each student could go out in the community and do service.  We were allowed to pick our own project and were to wear our school shirts.  Joshua and I chose to make a baby blanket for our church's charity drive for babies in need in our community.  Together we went to the fabric store and we picked out fleece fabric.   At home  I cut strips of fabric along the edges and Joshua tied knots to finish the blanket.  We took the blanket to the charity drive on Saturday the 20th.  It was an experience that impacted Joshua and Toby and will leave a lasting impression.

 Joshua and his blanket


  Joshua in his class shirt 

(kindergarten is referred to as the "Oakleaf Class")


October 13, 2007:  The Salmon Festival

Story telling in the Salmon Tent (Josh got his picture taken by The OREGONIAN [local newspaper]) 

What a cool event held in Metro's Oxbow Park on the Sandy River.  It is a celebration of the returning of the Salmon to spawn and also celebrates the role of Salmon in the Northwest Region.  Salmon has an important role with fishers, naturists, and Native Americans.  The festival was so much fun for the whole family.  They had tents with games and stories for the kids...all centered around learning the lifecycle of the salmon and the best river conditions for them to get up-river and spawn.  Our favorite part was the river walk and seeing the salmon in the river.  We also really enjoyed the Wy-Kan-Ush-Pum Indian Village.  They had a dozen tipis (teepees) set up in the woods along the river walk where we could visit the Natives and learn more of their arts, traditions and way of life.  Anway, enough about some pictures?  

 Playing on the tire swing


Brent and Toby on the Salmon River Walk


 Joshua running out of a little tipi


 Joshua and Brent with the Salmon viewing glasses on


The lighter areas are where the salmon are spawning


 Toby playing by the river



We have kittens available to go to good homes.  We have grown attached to them, but there are just too many for our house!  There are four still available and they are almost 11 weeks old.  We have given them names, but of course you can change it if you choose to adopt one or two.   And we are giving them away for free with the understanding that you will take care of the spay/neuter.  They are all very healthy.  Thanks for looking!

Click here to see pictures of the kittens. 

October 2, 2007: Our trip to Utah and Joshua Paragliding with Uncle Jonny!

So Brent's brother Jonny is a paragliding instructor in Utah.  For years now he has been telling us that he wanted to take Joshua for a tandem ride, and I as the mom have been nervous about it.  Then, a couple of months after we moved to Oregon Joshua woke up one morning and we had a conversation.  It went like this:

Me: Did you have a nice dream?  Did you dream about flying?  (He often reports of dreams where he is flying.)

Joshua: NO!  I had a dream that I was GLIDING!  Gliding with Uncle Jonny!

So on our recent trip to Utah to visit family and friends we arranged to met with Jonny at the Point Of the Mountain so that Joshua could go paragliding.  

 During his half hour ride he was amazed, and kept repeating "my dreams have come true, my dreams have come true!"  

 It was the highlight of our trip for sure.

 Click here to see more great pictures and videos of Joshua's ride.


September-October Trip to Utah

We had a great time visiting mostly with family, due to the very short time we were there.  We will catch the rest of our wonderful friends (you know who you are) when we come out in December.  Brent's younger sister Elizabeth Jefferies had a mission farewell on Sunday, September 30th (also Brent's birthday).  She will be serving an LDS mission in Ohio and is very excited.  It was good to see her before she left for 18 months.  What a darling she is!  We all adore her.  We also attended my mom's husband's  (Marvino Thurn) retirement party.  He is retiring from many years of civilian work at the Hill Air Force Base.  We wish him well in his retirement endeavors.    Here are a few pics from our trip...

 We had a snowy surprise when we went up to Oktoberfest at Snowbird to dance the Polka on Sept 29.  Thankfully the party was in a tent.

We got to enjoy the autumn colors during a hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with pharmacy friends Colin and Sarah (and Wilson).

It was really windy as a front was blowing in.

Web album with family pictures.

Sorry we didn't get any pictures of Elizabeth or of Marvin's retirement party.  We must have been having too much fun to worry about pictures.


September 24th, 2007: Joshua and Toby at a Neighbor Birthday Party

There is this wonderful family that we met at our church here in Oregon City, whom we adore and are really thankful for.  Our kids enjoy playing together most of the time, and hopefully will enjoy each other more as they grow.  I really enjoy the mama, as we talk about our kids, unmedicated childbirth, dreams of becoming midwives, etc.  I enjoying listening about her photography business.  We have also been trading babysitting and our husbands get along pretty well too.  It is so nice to have friends like them :-).

Click here for some pictures of the birthday party. 


September 22, 2007: Willamette Falls Lock Fest!

This was totally awesome.  Our wonderful Oregon City front the Willamette River and there is also a waterfall, the great tumwater of the Indigenous People who fished these waters for centuries.  Back at the beginning of the century, some of the very first locks were built to get around the waterfall.  The locks are a system of gated canals which allows boats passage around Willamette Falls.  The locks are rarely used these days, except one day a year when they have a festival at the park and the locks.  They have a "floatilla," which is a parade of boats going back and forth through the locks all day.  Anyone can participate in the floatilla.  It is our goal to participate via canoe next year. 

 Water coming through the locks.

 The Floatilla

A group of kayakers waiting for the lock to open.


September 20th, 2007: Silly Food

Joshua had a great idea to make funny food.  Here are some pictures and a video clip...

 Click here to see the video clip. 


September 19th, 2007: Joshua was Citizen of the Day Today...and update on kittens

 I was out at Joshua's school today volunteering during the lunch hour.  I arrived 15 minutes early, while class was still in session.  I observed from outside the classroom that Joshua was the Citizen of the Day today!  Tthe teacher spotlighted him with information all about him.  Then the rest of his classmates drew pictures of Joshua doing the things that Joshua like to do.  I saw the teacher presenting the pictures.  Some of the the ones that stood out at me were "Joshua picking flowers to give to his mom," "Joshua playing soccer," "Joshua playing with trains," and "Joshua eating two ice cream cones."  It was so nice to see him being spotlighted and it makes me happy that he is doing well and has many friends at his new school.

Now for an update on the kittens.  They are 5 weeks old and have just started climbing out of their box and exploring the garage.  The mom Martha was a little stressed about that at first, but I can tell that she is relaxing.  Joshua and Toby are really enjoying watching the kitties prance around exploring all the little nooks and they are learning to handle and touch softly, which is good for them.


September 14th, 2007:  Brent is an Official Licensed Pharmacist!!

Today we received Brent's pharmacy license in the mail!  YAY!!!!  Celebration time!!!  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support through his licensing exams.  He passed each exam with an easy margin, but it was still a nerve wracking experience...that we are glad to finally have behind us.  Now, finally for the first time in 8 years Brent can come home and NOT have to study (at least until he has to do continuing education).  


September 4, 2007:  Joshua's First Day of Kindergarten

Here are some pics from Joshua's first day

 Joshua is attending the Springwater Environmental Sciences School. You can check out the link above for more information on his school.  Joshua has enjoyed his new school and its hands on learning approach.  He likes his new teacher and friends.  He also is loving riding the school bus to and from school.  What a big boy!  I can't believe how fast he has grown up.   On Friday, the 14th I (Kate) was able to attend his first class field trip.  We went on a trip to the World Forestry Center in Portland to study the life cycle of trees.  I enjoyed my role as a field study volunteer.  I facilitated a small group of children from Joshua's class.  We observed the exhibits, took notes, and the children drew sketches of what they learned.  I will be accompanying the same group of children every other Friday to the 500 acres of Metro greenspace forest adjacent to the school for Friday Field Studies.     


   September 1st, 2007:  Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area 

We took one last trip to the coast before the first day of school.  Devil's Punchbowl is one of our new favorite places on the coast.  There is, as the name implies, a "punchbowl" carved into the rock with a small opening in the bottom where the waves come crashing in, creating a turbulent punchbowl effect.  There is a viewing area above the punchbowl with a tiny Moe's (mmmm, think chowder) Diner overlooking the sea.   To the north and south of the punchbowl there are tide pools available to explore at low tide.  And also to the south there is a long sandy beach that is sheltered in a shallow cove, which makes it very lovely for swimming.  Kate got right out there with the surfers, minus the dry suit (brrrrr).   Here is our pic of the day:

   Toby Acquired a Sand Goatee

We also visited an amazing covered bridge on the way to the coast.  For more pics, check out our web album.

Devils Punchbowl Web Album 


August 31, 2007:  Toby's Head Injury (squeemish readers beware!)

 So, I was checking my email and Toby came in the office and sat down to read a book.  I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  Joshua walked in and said "oh my gosh!  He's got blood all over the back of his shirt!"  I flipped around and there was blood gushing out the back of his head running down the back of his shirt.  Now, I have worked in the OR, watched suregeries, cleaned bloody instruments, have splinted broken extremities...all with a level head.  But with my own sweet two year old...I lost my head for just a second.  As soon as I found it, I wisked him into the bathroom and applied pressure with toilet paper.  The bleeding stopped within minutes and the cut was only a millimeter in length.  Wow, all I have heard of head lacerations is true: they bleed like crazy!  I couldn't find my coban self-adhesive bandage so I placed a sterile pad on the wound and tied one of my scarfs around Toby's head.  Surprisingly and gratefully he kept it on for several hours.  The pics are pretty cute though.



August 17, 2007: Our Foster Cat Martha Had her Kittens...and Our Garden is Coming Along Nicely

About a month after we moved in, a little malnourished stray started hanging out in our backyard.  I did not pet her or feed her, but somehow she was getting food and liked our backyard and us the best.  Several weeks later, I noticed that she was pregnant.  I asked all the neighbors about this cat and she was unclaimed.  I felt pity on her, so we put out food, water and a cozy box with a cat bed in it.  Joshua started calling her "Washington," and so she became Martha, Washington that is.  About a month later, on August 17th, I came home from donating blood and Martha was having her kittens.  She had five little sweet kittens in our side yard.

  Just look at that proud, protective mama!

 And I am thoroughly enjoying our backyard garden.  Oh, it is nice to have a yard.  We have tomatoes galore, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, herbs, and we have pumpkins and watermelons coming along.  

 I keep finding little frogs in my tomatoes too!  How cute!  They're eating all the bugs.


 August 3-4, 2007:  Camping at Hebo Lake, Climbing Mount Hebo and Playing at Fogarty Creek Beach

 Well, the time was running out for Brent to study for his National Pharmacy Licensing Exam and Kate and the boys were extremely we all piled in the car and went camping and to the beach.  Brent studied the entire time in the car, at the campground, lake and at the beach.  

Here is a pic of Joshua doing his funny pose

 And here is a link to our web album

 Hebo Lake Web Album

Mt. Hebo and Fogarty Creek Beach Web Album 

July 29, 2007: Along the Clackamas River

The Clackamas River, as far as we can tell, is the closest recreational area to our house.  We enjoyed an afternoon of exploring along the river.

 Check out the web album too, for some fun videos:

 Clackamas River Web Album

July 13, 2007: Astoria, Oregon and Long Beach, Washington

 We spent the entire week sweltering in 100 + temperatures with no hope for relief (and no air conditioner).  So we took a day trip out to the coast despite Brent needing to study.  (He studied some in the car.)  We drove through the Coastal Range and entered Astoria through the back route.  Just inside the city we visited The Astoria Column.  It is a 125-foot high monument at the top of the highest point in Astoria, Coxcomb Hill (600 feet).  It is in the location of the first permanent American Settlement west of the Rockies.  The column displays 14 scenes commemorating important events in the history of Astoria in cronological order. The mural scrolls around the 125-foot-high structure in an upward spiral direction, with the earliest scene at the base of the column. An interior 164-step spiral staircase leads to the top of a viewing platform with spectacular views.  We chased the boys up the column twice and enjoyed the amazing panorama: the Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean, the city of Astoria and the Cascade Range with Saddle Mountain being the highest point off in the distance.  

We spent a couple of hours in Astoria, but could have spent days.  It is an amazing town jutting out into the water with a fantastic bridge spanning the entrance to the Pacific Ocean, connecting Oregon to the state of Washington.  You may recognize Astoria as being the town where most of the movie "Goonies" was filmed.  We found the location of the house, the museum, the jail and the bowling alley, which Brent was very excited about.  There is also an amazing water front trolley and fabulous seafood.  We visited a small establishment that sold us (shield your eyes vegetarians) freshly caught crab (cooked) and clam chowder.   We took off for the beach to enjoy our dinner.  

We crossed the fantastic bridge into Washington and drove up the coast past Cape Disappointment State Park to the enchanting town and beach of Long Beach.  We fell in love with this little undiscovered tourist/fishing town on the Pacific and its pristine beach.  We spent the evening wading and splashing in the surf (which was surprisingly warm), playing and eating our seafood dinner.  We ended up the evening with a glorious sunset.  It was the perfect day and we will be back up there soon, for sure! 

Astoria and Long Beach Photos 

Find out more here:  Long Beach, Washington


July 8-9, 2007: Sister Lara Visit

Kate's sister Lara and Jason came to visit over the weekend and we packed in may fun activities.  On the 8th we showed them old historic Oregon City with it's riverfront promenade, bridge over the Willamette River, Willamette Falls and the great city elevator that takes you from the riverfront up to the hilltop part of town.  Later we drove up to Multnomah Falls, which is a popular and beautiful natural attraction in the Columbia River Gorge.  

On the 9th we packed in several activities as well.  First we met at the Japanese Garden up in Forest Park.  I made the mistake of bringing the bike trailer/stroller to push the boys in.  That was regrettable as the pathways were often too narrow and stairs were too steep to navigate.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked too.  We will be going back with the baby carrier backpack instead.  It was amazing though.  Later that day we drove over to Sauvie Island, which is an agricultural island on the Columbia River and is just minutes from downtown Portland.  We spent the afternoon picking berries and enjoying the river breeze.  Toby and Josh found the sprinklers and  mud puddles and took the opportunity to cool off.   

Photos: Japanese Garden, Historic Oregon City Waterfront & Multnomah Falls 


July 4, 2007: Bike ride along the Willamette River and Downtown Riverfront Blues Festival

On the hottest day that we've experienced yet (100 degrees) we took an Independence Day bike ride along the Willamette River pedestrian path.  Along the way we checked out the holiday festivities at the Waterfront Park.  There was a blues festival and there were fire boats shooting large powerful blasts of water into the air leaving mist and rainbows in its trail on this hot, hot day.  We rode our bikes throughout the deserted streets of downtown Portland and stopped to let the boys play at a little park in the earl District.  We left shortly after Kate was threatened by a vagrant woman for filling up water bottles at a drinking fountain!  DON'T WORRY!  We won't be going back to that park again.  And we won't take you there if you come to visit.  :-) 


June 24th, 2007: Molalla River State Park                We took a quick drive south to check out a near by State Park.  Mollala River is 15 minutes south on the Willamette River.  We took a walk along the Willamette River through a beautiful forest until we reached the Molalla River.   


Find out more here:  Molalla River State Park 

June 21-22, 2007: Toby's Birthday,                    Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and quick trip to Seattle (Kenmore)                                                        The 21st (summer solstice) was Tobias' 2nd birthday.  We decided to take a drive up to Kenmore (Seattle area) to visit friends who live on Lake Washington.  On the way up we stopped at Pt. Defiance Zooquariam in Tacoma, Washington (the birthplace of Brent).  A fun birthday treat for the boys.  The 22nd was spent playing on the beach and in Lake Washington.  My childhood friend Marianne gave me a hair cut.  Brent spent the day studying for his pharmacy licensing exam, which he does a lot these days.

Point Defiance Zooquarium and Lake Washington Pictures 

Find out more here:  Fort Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

June 17th, 2007: Father's Day!                                After church we drove up to take a walk in Tryon State Natural Area.  What beautiful trees!  We will post pics. 


Find out more here:  Tryon Creek State Natural Area  

June 15, 2007:  Oregonian Produce                         Ah, the joys of living in Oregon!  Today we drove 10 minutes to a farm and picked yummy, sweet strawberries.  There are many farms with fresh produce just outside of the metro area where you bring your own containers and U-pick.  Oh, yum!  And it is sooo much cheaper than the store produce.  The boys had a lot of fun.  Toby stuck right by me with his own bucket, diligently searching for red strawberries and trying hard not to eat them.  He picked a lot of over-ripe and not-so-ripe berries and ended up spilling them three times.  But he was so proud of his job .Joshua did quite a good job picking berries.  All of his were perfectly ripe and beautiful.  We had lots of fun making smoothies, and other treats with our berries.  Next time we will attempt to make jam.

    Today we also were fortunate enough to get some free tomato plants.  Now we need to get started building our garden boxes so we can plant our tomatos and our lone blueberry bush.   


May 28, 2007: Memorial Day                                     at Silver Falls State Park                                                 Today we spent the day hiking the 5 mile falls loop with family Mindi, Shane and Hyrum.  The falls are an awesome sight and Joshua did the whole hike by himself!                                       


Find out more here:  Silver Falls State Park

May 19, 2007: Cape Lookout, Oregon Coast                       We took a trip out to the coast before Brent had to start his first day of work.  Cape Lookout is a beautiful state park just south of Tillamook (where the famous cheese factory is located).  We parked up on top of the ridge and took a two-mile hike through forest down to a secluded sandy beach.  Both of the boys hiked down the switchback trail pretending to be engines.  We played in the chilly surf for an hour and then hiked back up with the boys on our shoulders.  It was quite an adventure.  Pictures to follow.  

 Cape Lookout State Park Pictures

Find out more here:   Cape Lookout State Park

May 18, 2007:  Our Neighborhood                           We decided to explore the area surrounding our home on bike.  We loaded up the two boys in the bike trailer and set out south.  We found that one minute south of our neighborhood we dropped down into some very beautiful country.  A rolling road took us through forest and farmland which continues on as far as the eye can see (or at least to the Cascade mountain range).  We are very fortunate to have found a home in such a beautiful area.

May 4th, 2007:  Graduation                                    Brent graduated from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy.  It was a wonderful ceremony and he is very happy to be finished and starting his career.   


May 11th, 2007:  The Big Move!                                 We took the long drive from Draper, Utah to our new house in Oregon City, Oregon.  See pictures below:

 Here it is!

Same place, from the back.

Our beautiful trees behind the house.

Eating room and kitchen beyond.

Upstairs to loft and 2 bedrooms.  *Note: Skylight!


 Nice view of backyard from upstairs bedroom.


The view from the upstairs front bedroom.

Family room with gas fireplace.


The Toothbrush's master toothbrushing room.

We hope that you have enjoyed our little photo tour of our new home.   We intend to fill our home with visits from all of you often.  Yogurt will be provided.   

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