1959 Studebaker Lark

 The Top of the Line for 59!

Studebaker was having a tough time in the mid to late 50’s, and by 1958 was in very serious trouble. 

They had to do something and they didn’t have a lot of money to do it.  In effect what they did was remove about a foot from the front and rear of the existing sedans to create a compact sedan which they called the Lark.

It worked, the Lark was a huge success and Studebaker made a profit for the first time in years.   That profit allowed Studebaker to stay in the automobile business for a few more years and directly led to the GT Hawk and the Avanti, along with Mr. Ed.

This Lark Regal was Studebaker's top of the line sedan for 59.  Fitted with Studebakers 259 V8, overdrive transmission, dual exhausts, and a 4 bbl carburetor.  The original brakes were upgraded to Turner disk brakes and the car stops about as well as any modern car, so this car has no problem in modern traffic.