Jeffery L. Deal, MD, FACS, MA, DTMH, FRSTMH

Now you may ask: What in the world are all of those letters after his name?
MD is Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina.
FACS is Fellow in the American College of Surgeons.
MA references my Masters of Arts in Anthropology. My research area was Sudan.
FRSTMH is Fellow in the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
is a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the the London School of Tropical Medicine.
We've left off a couple as they start to look pretty silly.

Who am I ?

I am a physician, anthropologist, and an author. Presently, I serve as Director of  Health Studies for Water Missions International.
My real vocation presently is writing. I write professional/academic books and articles as well as novels.
Novel writing has been my passion for thirty years. I hope you enjoy them.
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The Mark
A Novel of Dinka During the Time of War

Jeff Deal's latest novel.

The Mark follows Thon Bol as he undertakes the Dinka rites of passage into manhood amid war torn Sudan. Thon takes us from the villages to the cattle camps where he encounters a villainous man who learned how to gain power by making artifacts of body parts harvested during child sacrifices. Thon and his age mate, Matak, pursue the man into the midst of Anyana Two, the name given to Sudan’s last civil war. Thon also seeks his father whom he knew to be fighting with the rebel army.

As the story-line converges, Thon finds his father as his unit prepares to engage the government forces in a battle where the outgunned Dinka forces face a well equipped division from the northern territories. This battle, based upon a true story, is described in detail drawn from personal interviews conducted with numerous Dinka combatants. Told in the first person, the narrator (Thon) describes actual Dinka rituals and cultural distinctives drawn from detailed anthropological studies. These stories range from the Fat Man contest, stories of the origins of humans and clans, descriptions of the powers of the Masters of the Fishing Spear, and many other cultural events. The story is compelling by itself, but the addition of these accurately portrayed cultural artifacts adds richness and educational value to the novel.

Go to this link to see the Wheaton College lecture on the anthropological research on water and its impact on human health.

Interested in South Sudan? Look out for A Land at the Center of the World, an ethnography (study of an ethnic group) of the Dinka Agaar. For more information, check out the publisher's website.
or you can order it on Amazon US by this link.

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