Grocery Cards are Available every Friday (morning and afternoon)

______ CARD AMOUNT                                                                               % JCOS gets
  • King Soopers                                                $10 cards (reloadable at store at checkout or customer service)          5% back
  • Safeway                                                         $10 cards  (reloadble at store at checkout or customer service)           5% back
  • Sprouts                                                          $50 cards (non-reloadable)                                                                          5% back
  • Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage        $100 cards (non-reloadable)                                                                        5% back
  • Walmart                                                        $100 cards (non-reloadable                                                                         2.5% back
  • Whole Foods                                                $25 cards (non-reloadable)                                                                          3% back

Shop with Scrip is a great way to give back to the school by shopping where you normally shop.
Simply go to  and click on the green "family sign up" button.

  • When prompted  ENROLLMENT CODE  2B65BL8L34175
  • Order you favorite cards
  • You can choose to pay with Presto Pay (which you must sign up for)
           Bring a check for the amount owed.  You may drop the check in the office or with PTSO on Fridays.
  • PICKING Up your cards- the turn around time is about a week. We order your cards on Monday mornings and you should receive it the following monday. you can pick up at the PTSO gift card table or in the office.