September Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 09/12/2017 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

All attendees for this meeting signed-in on a hardcopy sign-in sheet.

Approval of Minutes

March and April meeting minutes were not reviewed or approved at this meeting.

Committee Business

John Hubert introduced himself and favorite summer memory, then we all introduced ourselves and our memories.

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is:  $?????.  

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $?????.

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  $200 to $300.

Valerie assured us that we have plenty of money in the account and apologized for leaving her books at home tonight.  

Old Business

  • We began a discussion about potentially Live Streaming PTSO meetings.  Do we want to live stream the for folks who can’t make it?  Use live streaming as a public service. Do we go through Facebook live? Google hangouts? Do we move the time of the meeting to right after school? We agreed to think about it and discuss the issue even more and possibly changing the time of our meetings, believing that attendance will improve with a time change.

  • Embroidered Vests/Jackets for Scott, Melyssa, and Alicia - Approved -Scott has samples and vests in his office

  • Funding Secondary Trips

    • At the April PTSO General meeting:

      • Secondary advisors stated some are interested in creating a sustainable fundraiser to help pay for trips.  This topic requires more discussion, but Secondary students are providing input.  One of the conditions is possibly putting in place restrictions on grants for trips in the event the advisor’s trip cost is passed onto the students. Working concession at Pepsi center to earn money was brought up and will be discussed further in future meetings.

      • PTSO would like Secondary to provide a proposal that outlines distribution of funds and commitment levels for a PTSO Trips Grant Program; for example, what is the average amount of money spent on trips over the last 5 years.  

      • The PTSO is in favor to provide funding for JCOS trips, as needed, but needs more information on amount after proposal is received.

  • Wild Apricot.  A platform for Alumni connections, fundraising opportunities, apprenticeship programs, Plaid, and has a $40 a month fee. Regina began the conversation last year and PTSO paid their own money for a one month trial run.

New Business

  • Wild Apricot was approved for $40 a month for an alumni platform as well as an excellent mentoring program for Plaid.

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip.  Pre Walkabout is asking to begin a go fund me account to pay for supplies to have for the Hurricane Relief for the 28th of November to December 5th.  Brooke suggested that PTSO wanted to contribute to a fundraiser for Pre Walkabouts Hurricane Relief trip.

    • Transportation? Private Bus company?

    • Accommodations?

    • Donations? Collect funds

    • Pre Walkabout needs to write a proposal.

  • Jodee Kesten, a new parent in our community, began a discussion on the security of our parking lot. “Disorganization and chaos in our parking lot makes it unsafe and we need to be more adaptive”- says Jodee, an ex law enforcement officer. John Hubert interjected that management can be provided to us in order to direct traffic with volunteers.  Jodee is asking for volunteers to come out and be trained at their specific post. Stephanie asked what times we need help? Scott says the window of time most needed is at 3:15-3:40/3:50 in the afternoon.  Jodee is proposing that a Risk Management team would train parents/volunteers on how to manage the parking lot.  Valerie suggested that we have a meeting specifically for this discussion.  Suggesting that we have the meeting directly after school as these would be the parents who would be volunteering.

  • Scott began discussing security within the school, as we discussed the parking lot, he segwayed into discussing security inside the school. We are one of the last few Elementary Schools without a security system in place.  Jodee discussed the fact that our neighboring area with the light-rail, homeless people, lower income apartments are all factors of being a security risk.  Scott talked about some incidents that have happened in the past, ie habanero peppers mixed in the wood chips that brought out a lockout alarm.  Sara Sperry asked who would fund a security system?  Scott wants to maximize the safety but not compromise the openness of the Open School.  We could have gone on for hours on this subject and discussed that we can bring this topic back up at a later time even at Circle.

  • Staff appreciation- Sara Sperry October 19 & 20 Italian buffet will be served.  We really want to make the food extravagant for our fabulous advisors!

  • Upcoming events:

    • Harvest Feast- meeting Thursday Sept. 14

    • Pumpkin Dash- Oct. 6th   PD supports field trips and all trips throughout the Open School.  Elizabeth mentioned that they will have new prize options for older kids to get older kids  more involved.  Trying new ideas to get more involvement.  Zombie makeup artist, getting sponsors for the event is the biggest thing in need.  $1,000 is what it takes to make this event run. No pun intended :)

    • Fall Ball-  Aly Warren, Co chair spoke on behalf of Janna Burnham.

      • New Communication is going out to Staff and community regarding the event and online tickets!

      • We need chairpersons for:

        • Decorations

        • wine/beer pull

        • Clean up/ set up

        • Door Manager

        • Silent Auction closing and check out

      • Aly passed out solicitation letters asking that everyone at the meeting tonight help with soliciting.  We have one month until Oct. 15th when all donations must be turned in, we currently have 32 donations in  our possession, and 15 more promised!  Soliciting isn’t hard and we could use help in asking our community!

      • Staff tickets will remain $10, single and couples tickets will increase as we get closer to the event. Parents will also be able to donate $ to their students’ advisors tickets as well!

    • Winter Market- Jen LeDuc discussed that the Winter Market is not happening. Jen brought up the fact that there is a lot going on in the Fall and that maybe we do the market in the Spring.   

    • Garden- Bobbi Sanchez spoke about our amazing Garden to cafeteria program as well as  Growing Dome not happening because LauraDonna is not our horticulturist therapist at the school anymore. Lots of help in the garden this summer.  We need volunteers!  Follow the Garden Facebook page! Bobbi also mentioned that the School Board Elections is coming up this Fall.  

  • Scott’S Notes

    • Two meetings happened last year for circle. First meeting is coming up on the 20th of September from 6-8pm.  2 Co-chairs are needed so that it is parent runned. Circle is where our security issues that Jodee brought up earlier in the meeting could be discussed.  Scott encourages parents to come and have a voice.   


  • Gayle Davilla has a proposal for the playground.  It will be discussed in our October PTSO meeting.

October Agenda Items

  • TBD

Leadership Committee/Circle

  • A concern was raised regarding the language and behaviour of the Secondary students.  It was was recommended that this be raised at the upcoming Circle meeting, plus ensuring the bar and expectations are set at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.  Scott would also like to discuss the security of our building, parking lot, students and staff further in the September 20th Circle meeting.  


  • No announcements at this time.

Next Meeting

10/10/2017 5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.