September Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 09/11/2018 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

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Approval of Minutes

May minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

We began the school year with the idea of needing a budget.  We started asking, as a board, what do we need money for and where can we get money to come from? We aligned what we thought would be a good start to the budget. We created “buckets” of what areas needed money as well as what we’ve spent money on in the past.  This is what we came up with so far.


  1. Teacher Trips and Professional Development- $5,000 -This has never been a category for us.  We want to set aside 5,000 a year for requests and we want to propose that teachers request once a year, and then come and ask us with a proposal for what they want.  We anticipate this money to come from an alumni fundraiser, that has not been planned...YET... THIS TOPIC IS GOING TO BE SIDELINED AND WE WILL DISCUSS AS A BOARD FURTHER. * situations came up during our meeting that gave us the insight ot look into this further.

  2. Seed money for fundraisers - $3,000- This money comes from the fundraisers themselves.

  3. Operation Costs- $3,000 - From Membership Fees and Grocery Cards.  

  4. Kid Trips - $10,000 (Zombie Dash)

    1. Might we use grocery cards to help parents raise money

    2. Have teachers encourage the parents to use gift cards

  5. Theatre - $1500 - From selling shirts, possibly fundraisers at events

  6. Enrichment - Fall Ball funds alone.

  7. Special Call - 1,000

We currently have $42,981.27 in the bank account.

We would like to go ahead and put $12,000 in savings for the playground, with matching fees from the district.

$6,000 will go into reserves.

$1,000 left available.

Old and New Business

Playground Update- John Hubert and Kelly Ward

  • Landscape Architect Proposal.  The District proposed an architect for the playground.  For $7500 we would have two planning meeting with students, parents, and teachers. As well as all plans drawn up with our ideas in consideration.

  • Plan going forward- Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise.

  • Restaurant Fundraisers

    • GO TO MAGILL’S TONIGHT! - (8016 West Jewell Ave) 25% comes back to JCOS for playground!

    • Chipotle in Belmar (SW corner of Wadsworth and Alameda) - Monday, September 24 from 4-8 pm

    • Local 46 (4586 Tennyson St) - Thursday, October 18 from 4-9 pm

Initiative 73, Mill levy, Bond - There are three initiatives coming up on the November ballot that will bring money to our schools in our county! Currently we have one of the poorest education systems in the country and this election year can change that!  Bobbi Sanchez has all the info about all three initiatives. Contact Bobbi at

Garden Update - Amazing work day!  We are so grateful to the parents who came to fulfill their volunteer hours!  Thank you for all your hard work! Gaeton is helping with the garden to cafeteria program!  Thank you Gaeton!

Enrichment Update - Thank you to Gayle for all your hard work as the administrator!  We feel pretty amazing for the work that has been put into our enrichment programs.  We keep our costs down for the programs, compared to those around the district, but pay our teachers and staff $75 an hour because we feel as though they need to be compensated for their time and effort.    Some issues that have come up with our enrichment program is that we have some children who have some life threatening allergies and issues. Chelsea Crosby will be trained to help with this matter. Thank you Chelsea and Gayle! We would love to gift SCHOLARSHIPS.  DONATION levels? Standard level, Free level, suggested at the meeting tonight. The board will look into this moving forward

Pumpkin Zombie Dash- coming up FAST!!! October 5th Seventh annual!  Wow!!! We need volunteers the day of please! This event has been running so well because of all your help throughout the years!  Thank you!!!! T-shirt art is beginning. Folders are going out soon!!!

Bylaw conversation - This summer the board had the pleasure of reviewing the bylaws and came across some items that have not been in practice.  They are as follows:

  • Non-officer positions - Volunteer Coordinator, Community Liaison, Student Representative- we need to fill these!  Volunteer coordinator would be a breath of fresh air -says John Hubert. One of the challenging issues is getting volunteers!! Would you like to help? A Community Liaison would be someone who create ties between the community and JCOS.

  • 6.3.Quorum.  Unless otherwise specified herein, a quorum of the Board is necessary to carry out a vote on any issue.  A quorum shall consist of no less than four (4) Board members. Can we change this to 3?  Approved to only 3 members needed to vote.

  • Should we have a code of professional practices? It was agreed that we should have a casual code of practices.  Maintaining the same as our students practices.


Fall Ball Update - Aly Warren

We are so looking forward to an amazing night!  November 3rd 6-10 pm Day of the Dead theme! The venue is the Denver Field House and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! For the day of and NOW. please contact Aly or Janna Burnam to help collect donations and receive a solicitation letter.

  • $30 per person, $50 per couple.- Each ticket is entry+food+1 drink ticket

  • Staff are free their plus one is 15 and that gets them their food and drink. Can be purchased at the door.

Alumni Event - Monica Buck is our new Alumni liaison! Monica began thinking about ways to get Alumni involved.  She contacted Roller City because Skate Day and Peace Night are two events that left HUGE impacts in alumni’s hearts.  If alumni knew that the Roller Skate event’s funds go to teachers and trips that would be a major selling point. If you would like to get involved with Alumni outreach please contact Monica Buck.

Peace Night is another night that would bring in alumni back into the school and reminding them how this community is bound together.    


Advisor Time________________________________________________________________

Funding Requests

  • Tommy- Wanting to bring in Control Dance Group, workshops on Fridays, Elementary for a choice on Friday. Second workshop for secondary students. Discount ticket prices for the Open School Community, $10 as opposed to $25 for the Spring performance.  $700 is what is needed. The board would need to talk some more with a full on proposal. DCPA Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is a Spring event. Tommy made it clear that if he had to choose between the two he would prefer the Control Dance Group.

  • Jim, Molly, and Jana - Subs for winter conference.  Jana and Jim are speakers at the CCIRA conference. They all need subs for a Friday in February and are asking for $115-$150 to cover the cost for the sub, gas, and food money. The board is waiting to vote on this as we have time to discuss this matter and would like for Jana Durbin to come back with a specific amount that they would need.

  • We have invited Rev. Leon Kelly to speak to LeaP and Walkabout students on Sept.18th. He is a former gang member who is now the director of Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives. We would like to give him $100 for his time. We are asking PTSO for that money. - Hannah-  Approved by a unanimous vote.

Staff Appreciation - Sara Sperry needs your help!  She has organized this event, which feeds the teachers for the two days during the Fall and Spring conferences.  Sara will be out of town this year for the Fall event and is asking for someone to carry on this well loved tradition.  Do you like to plan and organize? Do you love to feed people? Specifically hungry teachers who work hard for our children and have to be in school for two days straight, from 8 am -5 pm in conferences all day? Then this volunteer position is for you!  Please see anyone from PTSO or Sara Sperry to inquire more.

Scott”s Corner

Celebrations!!!! All our Fall trips went off without a hitch!  Just some minor weather...over 350 students have gone on trips! Yay! Scott is super appreciative of PTSO’s efforts with the playground and everything moving forward!!! Thanks Scott for the LOVE!

Next Meeting

10/09/18  5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.