October Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 10/10/2017 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

All attendees for this meeting signed-in on a hardcopy sign-in sheet.

Approval of Minutes

September meeting minutes reviewed and approved at this meeting.

Committee Business

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is:  $34,611.82  

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $15,484.55

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  $200 to $300.

Old Business

  • Alumni Database was approved for $40 a month for an alumni platform as well as an excellent mentoring program for Plaid.  However we have over 2,000 to 3,000 names in our database of alumni and the platform Wild Apricot will be far too expensive with the amount of data we have. Every 250 names is $40… Therefore we might need to find a different platform if there is substantial interest in this. However, the alumni will be paying to be part of this database and that money will pay for the website.

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip.  Pre Walkabout is asking to begin a donation process through the paypal account to pay for supplies to have for the Hurricane Relief for the 28th of November to December 5th.

    • Dave Harmes gave us an update that children will have a place to stay while in Houston.  A church in the heart of Houston specifically. The YMCA is donating meals! Yay!

    • They are also looking to have a 1:3 ratio with supervisors and children.  Some teachers may not be able to go; therefore, the are looking for supervisors with the YMCA in Houston.

    • This trip is also sponsoring Kids Night Out for the same night as the Fall Ball on 10/27.  

  • Pumpkin Dash- Oct. 6th   Was awesome! As of now $6,000 has been raised and all donations were made with no out of pocket from the PTSO!

New Business

  • Fall Ball-  Aly Warren, Co chair spoke on behalf of Janna Burnham.

    • Tickets are selling for $15 a piece, and $10 for Advisors, after Oct. 15th they will go up to $25 a piece.  

    • Committees are getting started and things are getting done!

    • We need solicitors to turn in their donations to Janna Burnam or Aly Warren so we can start cataloguing everything.   

    • Set up and Clean up volunteers still needed.

    • We need help making snacks like popcorn balls or chex mix.

    • Oct 13th we will be decorating pumpkins for the tables of the event.  Please contact Aly if you’d like to join us!

  • Harvest Fest- Please bring a dish and a mess kit and eat with everyone! 5-7pm

  • Garden- October 21st 10-2, is a big working garden day! Come and help our garden grow! Chipping Shredder machine will be purchased to help with the compost and other gardening needs!

  • Staff Appreciation is next week on Oct. 19-20.  It is a Pasta Bar theme!!!!! Go to Signup.com to sign up for a dish or to volunteer!

  • Grocery Cards-$4500 is our profit from  Grocery Cards for  PTSO fundraising every year… roughly.  King Sooper is our largest earner. Jana Durbin suggested that someone walks around to the classrooms to sell more grocery cards.  

  • Nicaragua Trip- Talent Show and Silent Auction- David spoke on behalf of this trip.  This will be an amazing event to raise money for the construction of the Community center that was started 4 years ago!  Come see the talent show and support an amazing group of students!! November 9th.

  • Playground Proposal- Gayle Davila asked that PTSO donate $196 for playground equipment ie, tennis balls and kickballs.

  • Notes from Advisors

    • Tom Sheridan announced Christmas carol auditions start Thursday the 12th.  There will be enough casting for ELC for 10 kids. It  opens Dec. 7th and only will be the nights of Dec.  7, 8, 9th.   Look out in the weekly wire for ticket sales!

    • Scott spoke about upcoming Intensives on  Monday and Tuesday Oct 16 & 17th.  Intensives wil be focusing on sex ed and  how to be safe online, sexting, blue bench (sex assault and violence).  A  mix of staff, students, and outside organizations will be involved.  An email was sent out to families in Pre-Walkabout and older to ask their permission on their children’s involvement...it is not obligatory. Emails went out last week.

  • Spring Fundraiser Idea- Food is always a fun fundraiser! We tossed around some great ideas of what would work for our community for a spring fundraiser.  Here is what we discussed.

    • A Chili Cook Off would be great and kids could put their cooking skills to the test! And it would engage some secondary kids.Carnival would be fun! John asked if anyone had any interest in one or the other.   Chili cook off seems to be the more likeable idea.  We really want to engage all students! Jana Durbin suggested that students could make chilli bowls and auction those off.  John suggested getting celebrity judges. Combining both the carnival and the chili cook off was suggested.  Val Hutchinson suggested that we bring it up at Governance, and ask the children their opinion. No decision needs to be made tonight. We are thinking about future fundraisers is all.   

  • Why are we Fundraising?

    • The elected PTSO asked this question at a meeting that we had last Sunday, our pre-meeting to the actual PTSO meeting on Tuesday.   We want to propose the idea of what would our community like to see our fundraising money goes to? What do you want for your kids school????  Here are some ideas that came up : SUV, Parking lot-($250,000 to pave), Outdoor Marquee, Stain glass windows in the Library, Kelly Ward began a grant for a new playground last year, up to date technology, staff trip funding, student trip funding, … We have seed money with a budget of about 10,000 to start something.  How do you feel about this topic? We are hoping that Our Direct Give Campaign that starts next month, we can directly associate that campaign with a specific goal.  Playground seems to be the most popular idea! Join us for the next PTSO meeting to decide what we as a community would like to see our fundraising dollars go to!  


  • Caps for Mula Long Montt Dairy will be donating $500 dollars this year and will continue to donate $450 every 18 months after towards our fundraising efforts! Floy Jeffares proposed that we use that money towards the playground fund so that those dollars can be matched when we write grants for a new playground or for teacher trip fund accounts.  

November  Agenda Items

  • Fundraising Dollars will go to ???? You help us decide! We need your input so that Our Direct Give Campaign can be successful!

Update from Scott

  • Circle was well attended, the history of the Open School was discussed, likes and dislikes of our school were discussed as well. 2021 will be the 50th anniversary of the school.  Circle will only meet 4 times this year.  Standardized testing was discussed.  In a nutshell  elementary and secondary schools are at the highest level and middle is in the improvement level regarding testing.  Next meeting will be November 29th.

  • Update about Parking lot...Gathering volunteers seems to be the highest priority, look out how to help and volunteer !  Starting October 23rd we will have a new flow of traffic in our parking lot! All new repaved parking lot will be provided by the district!  They will need to repaint, dumpsters were removed at the back of the theatre and now that will be a full extension of drop off and pick up zone, signage for pulling out of the parking lot will be put into place, one way in and one way out. Flyers will be handed out at conferences so that parents are aware of the new flow of traffic.

  • Update on Security/Discussion/New Secretary? At Circle this was discussed further, even at the highschool level.  The district will fund a position in the next School Year for Campus Supervisor position.  In the meantime students and teachers will be volunteering.  This is simply a job of being aware of people who don’t belong in our school and asking questions.  Moving forward we are getting a receptionist. in the front to help Gayle keep an eye out for who comes in and out of the school.

Upcoming School Fundraiser/Events

  • November 9- Silent Auction/Talent Show Fundraiser for Nicaragua Trip

  • November-December Direct Give Campaign

  • January 2018-Support the school-led Peace Night

  • February and March 2019- None Chilli Cook-Off? Carnival?

  • April 2018- Spring Market

  • May 2018 - None

Next Meeting

11/14/2017 5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.