November Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 11/14/2017 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by John Hubert

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

All attendees for this meeting signed-in on a hardcopy sign-in sheet.

Approval of Minutes

October meeting minutes reviewed and approved at this meeting.

Committee Business

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is:  $58,000  

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $14,484.33

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  $200 to $300.

Old Business

  • Keep Alumni Database

  • Fundraiser Update

    • Zombie Dash 10,090.80

    • Fall Ball 14,000 +payments are still coming in

    • Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip  665

    • Nicaragua Trip/Talent Show 3,000

  • Thank you Jodie for Parking Lot- Seems to be working without a crossing guards

  • Staff Appreciation - Sara Sperry- amazing! Everyone well fed! Under a $100 was spent of PTSO dollars and as usual everyone came out and made some delicious food!

New Business

  • Playground - Kelly Ward and Rachelle Macur were unable to attend.  They are asking for suggestions for ideas for the playground.  We need 25% of what we’re asking in order to receive grants to build a new playground. *See below notes for Colorado Give Campaign and how we will raise the 25%.    Some teachers and parents commented that we need shade for kids, and bigger and better play equipment.  

  • Colorado Give update and vote John began by stating that we usually are beginning to promote our Colorado Gives fundraiser at  this time of year for our school and this year the PTSO officers purpose to do a “soft opening” to the CO gives fundraiser.  We will be starting after Thanksgiving and leading towards the big push for the campaign in February and March. We decided this for two reasons. First: Many people in attendance agreed that we have had several fundraisers and asked a lot from our parents in the past couple of months and to start campaigning now seems tough around the holidays.  Second: *We would like to have some solid ideas and pictures to show what this fundraiser would go directly towards, ie the new playground. A solution was suggested to quietly begin asking for donations and or offering to those interested in donating to the Colorado Give campaign now and then campaign with heavy marketing can be released in February, with high res photos and design ideas of the proposed playground.  This idea was approved by all.

  • Winter/Spring 2018 Fundraiser vote - Aly brought up some ideas for carnival and a  chili cookoff being at the same time.  Aly Warren suggested some ideas that she and Janna Burnam had come up with for a Winter/Spring fundraising event that would peek interest in both the younger and older students as well as families.  Owen (High School student PTSO Representative) stated that many trips are happening that time of year and the timing could be tricky... no later than mid April.   Scott suggested that a Friday would be best.  April 27th is an early release day, being ideal.  It was suggested Aly and Janna take a look and be concise with and idea and come to the next meeting in December with specifics.

  • Grocery Cards - Brooke Epps and Kelly Ward will be taking over the grocery card fundraising.  They have taken a closer look at the books for each individual grocery card purchased in the last year.  The biggest revelation is that they realized we make a lot of money off of very few people who purchase cards and reload them monthly.  Basically we need a mass gorilla marketing scheme! Brooke proposed these ideas for the older students: Tuesdays  pass out the forms, Thursdays have the form in the PTSO box so they can pass out grocery cards out on Fridays.  Hannah will be the advisor that will hold the cards for older kids.  Jana Durbin suggested that PTSO volunteers stop by staff meetings to sell to teachers. Other suggestions were: Scott suggested associating the cards with Outdoor Lab… John Huber suggested give the faculty a ten dollar card as a gift (50+ advisors), lastly Jana had a fantastic idea to help out with the *fund proposal from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip.  See notes below.  

  • Notes from Advisors (10 min)

    • Tom Sheridan- Funding request- In production for A Christmas Carol. Happening December 7th, requesting funds of $1,000 allocating $500 for Kira Dalagher for costume design. $250 to be added to the costuming budget. 42+ kids in the show 12+ backstage. There are several props that can be rented . Tom brought up the fact that this will be an investment as he foresees this being the first of many Christmas Carols… produced every three years. All can be reused. $250 for props and set. Funds to be received by December 7th. Big show!!! The $1000 dollars will go a long way.  PTSO unanimously voted and approved $750 to Kira and the $250 to the theatre account.

    • Dale Shisler - Is looking to begin after school enrichment. He is planning on running the robotics club a few nights a week. Would scholarship money be available? Two to four nights a week. NO mixing of the ages between kids. Enough laptops and computers…. Making a request for a 3 D printer…. Supporting Robot competitions.  John requested that Dale writes a proposal for next month’s meeting.

    • Dianne Bohach request- filling in the colorful piece of the stained glass panel.  Asking for approval for the $2350…. Scott asked if the PTSO paid for the panel asked by Dianne the school could finish the other two panels and pay for the remaining stained glass! Check to be made out to Creative Stained Glass Studio. The board unanimously voted to fund the colorful panel.

    • Janna Durbin is asking for $590 CCIRA Professional Development for she and Jimmi to go February 7-10th 2018.  Together Jimmi and Janna will pay for one of their days for a sub and the remaining money will go to a sub for another day as well as their registration fee. Janna and Jimmi were approved!!!!

    • FUND REQUEST- Owen, student PTSO representative spoke about the  Hurricane Harvey Trip.  They have raised $2,500 in goods and raised $4,000 in donations + $800 from JC’s Cafe…. To try to keep the cost down they are having 38+ students going down to Houston.  Owen requested that the PTSO allocate $1500 in funds for transportation for gas. Some discussion came up how the Walk About students could “work” for this funds approval.  Hannah asked for Owen to request that all 38+ students buy a $10 card King Sooper card for their family to be reloaded and then to help with clean-up for the Spring Staff Appreciation….Scott brought up that the Harvey Relief parent night meeting is tomorrow November 15th and that they ask about grocery cards and volunteer.The board requested the roster from Owen of the students going on the Hurricane Relief trip + volunteer hours for Staff Appreciation + each student’s purchase of a $10 grocery card in lieu of the $1500 fund request from PTSO.  

  • After School Activities  

    • Survey of Community- We need to see who would be willing to create an infrastructure to an after school program. Would it be a para or a parent willing to donate their time to this project? Scott brought up that if we do this we would need to figure out the payment structure.  Hiring out after school help will mean that the PTSO would be in charge of after school employment ….  Discussion came up about offering a mix and match of what can be available… Spanish, Art, and Chess were some of the clubs mentioned.  Suggestions about pulling our resources of what we have in house. Asking current teachers what they would like to have or what they have to offer.  Scott suggested to offer positions to the Para crew. Kelsey McGukin’s name was mentioned as well she would love to have some involvement.

Update from Scott

Accountability? Circle meeting Wednesday November 29th @ 6 pm in the library- Agenda has some big items: Scott began the discussion on the Circle Meeting about the new Superintendent and how he is intriguing, his alignment around similar ideas of what education should look like and its similarity to JCOS’s  mission statement.  How do we maintain our status to doing this model and doing it well… Sixth grade to Eighth grade conversation is on the agenda as well.  

Elementary will be a topic of discussion…. Should we have two full day kinder classrooms? With the phase two building project  we would have a stand alone preschool, but obviously that has not happened yet.  The PreSchool suite was built to be a kinder room, conjoining the two kinder rooms together. Therefore if we move to two full day kinder rooms we would be losing the preschool.  Scott wants this to be a parent lead discussion not just staff.  He states that we are reasonably good shape for budget. Scott discussed the ongoing tension between himself and the district about the Open Schools funding.  The district's risk management  “Loves” us says  we take risk all the time. Lastly the topic of health services is another negotiation piece…. 17 pages long…. The way JCOS travels and the way other schools travel is very distinct. Scott suggested that we stand up to remain in the compact for the Nurse Agreement.  The Nurse Licensure compact is in jeopardy and allows our students to be cared for in any state that they travel allowing nurses’ licenses to be reciprocated from state to state.  We need to stay proactive on this issue, start by submitting letters to our State Legislature to keep the Nurse Licensure Compact. Organizing a group and inviting representatives to our school allows us to tell our story and why this Licensure Compact is so important to stay intact.  

Upcoming School Fundraiser/Events

  • Thursday, November 16, 2018 - Support the school-led Peace Night event

  • December 2018 - Colorado Gives

  • February - May 2018 - Chilli Cook-off? Carnival? Spring Market?

Next Meeting

12/12/2017 5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.