Meeting Minutes

Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO) Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2015


  • The meeting was called to order and the PTSO board introduced themselves.


  • A brief moment was set aside to celebrate the results for the “Recall” vote.

  • PTSO is going to QuickBooks online for financial management

Treasurer’s Report

  • The general fund balance is $3,860.00.

Old Business

  • Fundraising

    • Jeffco Open Pledge Drive - The PTSO is presenting this drive for donations from November 16th through December 18th as our own “Colorado Gives Day” for individuals, family, and friends to donate to the PTSO General Fund that supports various school events.  Please visit the Web site at:  and make a donation since you are getting a private school education at a public school.

    • Grocery and Gift Cards

      • One-time use:  Whole Foods  ($100), Chipolte ($10), Starbucks ($10), Walmart ($25), Amazon ($25 and $100), Vitamin Cottage ($100), and Sprouts ($50)

      • Reloadable:  Safeway ($10); King Soopers ($10)

      • Amazon Smile - must associate your account with JCOS PTSO where 1% of all purchases goes to the JCOS PTSO.

      • Target Red Card Program - You link your Target Red Card to Elementary, Middle School, or High School.

    • Kevin Coffey, Complete Spectrum

      • A 60-minute complimentary workshop to learn how:

        • To optimize your PERA and Social Security benefits

        • Your PERA benefits may affect your Social security benefits

        • To maximize your PERA payout options and which option is best for you

        • To reduce your taxes during your golden years

      • For each participant 18 years or older, the Open School will receive $20.

    • Restaurant Fundraiser

      • These are great ways to raise money and the PTSO wanted to encourage anyone that is willing to coordinate an event.  Chipolte is extremely generous and PTSO could sell Chipolte gift cards to benefit both from using them to purchase food, plus the 20% Chipolte gives back to the school.  PTSO just needs someone willing to coordinate the event.  If interested, please contact a PTSO board member.Restaurant Fundraisers

    • Silent Auction

      • A possibility of holding it in conjunction with the H^3 Kids’ OCR is highly likely; therefore, if you are interested in helping with this fundraising event, please contact Sara Speary.

  • Pumpkin/Zombie Dash - $9,483 was raised and the event was a success.  Thank you to everyone!

  • Playground

    • We will hear on November 12, 2015, whether Jeffco Open School was awarded the grant.

  • Molly’s Class and Games

    • Flyers have been distributed and a donation box has been placed; however, no donations have been received.  At the last meeting $200 was approved and may be used to purchase games, especially taking advantage of Target’s “buy two, get one free” sale.   

  • Cirque de Open/Winterfest

    • December 3rd

      • Small craft fair to have something while families are waiting for performances and trips may be providing a meal

      • Tables are available for $25

      • Complete the form and provide a check, then turn it into the PTSO mailbox

    • December 10th

      • Kara’s concert performance

  • Hottest Habanero Hustle Kids’ Obstacle Course Race (H^3 Kids’ OCR)

    • A 60-minute Committee/Planning Meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2015, at 4 p.m. in the Commons.  Please come to this meeting to learn more about how you can help with this fundraising effort.

    • Visit the Web site at: for information as well

New Business

  • Joe’s and John’s Retirement

    • Details for gifts are being finalized and PTSO will be consulted if assistance is needed, such as purchasing gift cards.

  • Revert to Google Site

    • The PTSO will be reverting to the Google site because the new site requires individuals to sign-up and only 20 people have created accounts.  This will save $600 and take away the extra steps in creating an account.

  • Front Door Thermometer to display the Jeffco Open Pledge Drive status towards the goal set at $15,000 total.  Incentives will be explored for larger donations.


  • None at this time

Action Items

  • None at this time

December Agenda Items

  • Campbell’s Soup Balance and Options

  • Camera for Theater - Sell the video-recording to the parents

  • Molly’s proposal for non-Scholastic books

Committee Business

  • Meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. in the Library