Meeting Minutes


Jefferson County Open School

Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization (PTSO)

Date | time 04/11/2017 5:30 PM Meeting called to order by Stephanie Joy

PTSO Mission Statement:  To create a positive environment by building collaborative community relationships.

In Attendance

All attendees for this meeting signed-in on a hardcopy sign-in sheet.

Approval of Minutes

March meeting minutes were not reviewed or approved at this meeting.

Committee Business

Stephanie Joy welcomed all attendees to the meeting and conducted introductions.  No committee business discussed at this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The JCOS PTSO available general funds balance is:  $20,284.27.  

The JCOS PTSO Garden’s available balance is:  $16,652.86.

The JCOS PTSO Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program balance is:  To be announced at next meeting.

Old Business

  • Movie:  Screenagers Feedback

    • The turnout was excellent with approximately 100 attendees.  The movie was shown to the Pre-Walkabout the next day.  Facilitation was conducted really well.  

  • Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program

    • Melody would like to know the balance on the Parents of the Arts/Enrichment Program by the next meeting.

  • Livestreaming General PTSO Meeting to Community

    • Tom will check with students on interest to be the presenter for the video.  Jennifer LeDuc suggested that a video-recording may be beneficial in the event someone wants to

  • Proposal to Approve Updates to PTSO Bylaws (see below)

    • The Co-President has been updated to President.

    • Parliamentarian has been added as an officer to the Board.

    • The Volunteer Coordinator title has been updated to Membership/Volunteer Coordinator.

    • The Marketing Coordinator has been removed.

    • Community Liaison and Student Representative positions have been added.  These are not officer or Board positions.

    • The Term of Office was updated to align with fiscal year and verbiage added that an officer may not serve more than two consecutive, 2-year terms in the same position.

    • Added “Develop the overall policies of the PTSO” to Article V, Section 5.2 - Duties.

    • Article IV title has been updated with “Non-Officer” and non-officer positions identified:  one membership/volunteer, community liaison, and student representative.

    • Article VI, Section 6.1 - Board Meetings the word “majority” was replaced with “quorum.”

    • Article VII, Section 7.2c - Banking “of a quorum” was added after “majority.”

    • Article VII, Section 7.2b - Banking, the two signatures requirement was removed.

    • Article VII, Section 7.4a - Distribution of Funds.  Added verbiage “funding proposals $250 or more requested at general PTSO meetings will be further reviewed by the Board and a decision will be announced at the next general PTSO meeting.  If a vote is needed, one will be convened.”

    • Added Section 7.5 - Sub-Committees of the JCOS PTSO and Section 7.5a - Garden Committee of the JCOS PTSO.

    • Valerie to check on changing fiscal year to August 1 through July 31st.

    • Change the membership dues to $20/household.

    • Bylaws approved at this meeting.

  • Publish/Promote 2017-2018 PTSO Fundraising Events Before Year-End

    • August 2017 - Registration and New Year’s Eve

    • September 2017 - Support the garden-led Harvest Feast event

    • October 2017 - Pumpkin/Zombie Dash, as well as Suits and Slippers/Reunion

    • November 2017 - Winter Market

    • December 2017 - Direct Gives Campaign

    • January 2018 - Support the school-led Peace Night event

    • February and March 2018 - None

    • April 2018 - Spring Market

    • May 2018 - None

  • 6th Grade Continuation Funding Proposal - $500 (Not Approved)

    • After further review, the Board unanimously voted against funding the proposal because it was not compliant to the bylaws (see below).

      • Article I, 1.3.  Purpose.  The purpose of the PTSO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Jefferson County Open School (“JCOS”), to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and to improve the environment and educational opportunities at JCOS through volunteer and financial support.

        • The 6th Grade Continuation Party is a celebration provided by parents that is optional to attend.  It is a party.  Parents that want to attend should pay for it.  PTSO funding the party does not encourage parent involvement nor does it improve the environment and educational opportunities at JCOS (as a whole).

      • Article II, 2.2.  The PTSO will work with the school and community to provide quality education for all students at JCOS and will seek to participate in the decision-making process establishing school policy, recognizing that the legal responsibility to make decisions has been delegated by the people to boards of education, state education authorities, and local education authorities.

        • PTSO funding the party does not provide quality education for all students at JCOS (emphasis on word "all").

      • Article VII, 7.4 Distribution of Funds. a.  Any net profit generated by the PTSO will be made available to the students and staff of JCOS as requested by written and/or oral proposal. Each proposal will be voted on during a general PTSO meeting, with a majority vote among those present being needed for the approval of each proposal.  Proposals related to curriculum or educational enrichment, including, but not limited to, travel, arts, music, theater, science, and sporting endeavors, should be given approval when possible, excepting for extenuating circumstances.  The PTSO will approve proposals with the goal of equally distributing funds among the ELC, IA, Pre-Walkabout, and Walkabout.

        • The 6th Grade Continuation Party proposal does not relate to curriculum or educational enrichment, including, but not limited to, travel, arts, music, theater, science, and sporting endeavors.

    • An e-mail was reviewed by all Board members and sent to Ms. Pasano with this decision on April 9, 2017.

    • The option of adding a fee to registration to 6th graders is being explored; however, the challenge is managing funds through the school and ensuring transparency of how the funds were spent; specifically, meeting district’s auditing requirements.  Free and reduced lunch students will also be exempt from paying the fee and funds would come “at risk” fund, which is more to keep in mind.

    • The PTSO will not fund this year or any out year 6th Grade Continuation Party.

  • Funding Secondary Trips

    • Secondary advisors are interested in creating a sustainable fundraiser to help pay for trips.  This topic requires more discussion, but secondary students are providing input.  One of the conditions is possibly putting in place restrictions on grants for trips in the event the advisor’s trip cost is passed onto the students.

    • PTSO would like Secondary to provide a proposal that outlines distribution of funds and commitment levels for a PTSO Trips Grant Program; for example, what is the average amount of money spent on trips over the last 5 years.  

    • The PTSO is in favor to provide funding for JCOS trips, as needed, but needs more information on amount after proposal is received.

  • Hottest Habanero Hustle Obstacle Course Race (HIII OCR) Fundraiser Update - May 6, 2017

    • At this point in time, there is a 0.004% student participation rate for this fundraiser.  The community will be present at this event with approximately 12-16 vendors, West Metro Fire Department, Lakewood Police, City of Lakewood, Avid4 Adventure’s climbing wall, Flexable Food Truck, and BTO Yogurt Truck.  Sponsors have donated close to $1,000; PTSO is providing $2,000 ($1,000 from last HIII OCR as seed money and covering all other costs from PTSO approved at the September 13, 2016, general PTSO meeting).  The return on investment for this fundraiser is mediocre; therefore, it is not recommended to continue after this year.

  • Bingo

    • Regina has completed the Bingo-Raffle Games Manager Training and is certified.  The bingo-raffle license application will be completed and submitted this week, if not already done.  Next steps is meeting with the bingo hall and determining day of week/time and when to begin.

  • Grocery Cards

    • Gayle provided a spreadsheet of inventory of grocery cards and reorder needs. The PTSO approved the reorder.

New Business

  • Nominations for 2017-2018 Incoming Board Officers

    • John Humbert - President

    • Michele Blanco - Vice-President

    • Recording Secretary - Need Nominees

    • Parliamentarian - Need Nominees

  • PTSO Community Liaison

    • Jennifer LeDuc has accepted the position of PTSO Community Liaison!

  • Text Messaging vs. Marquee/LED Sign

    • TextMarks is an “app” that requires us to “opt in” and is simple to use.  The lowest package is Silver for $79.20/month (non-profits get 20% off).  It includes:  3,500 message credits, 10 free groups, unlimited users, priority e-mail support, $0.03 for each additional message, and $15 for each additional group.

    • Marquee/LED Sign

      • Rhino Sign Works - No formal quote obtained to date, but estimate is $25,000 to $30,000

      • Stewart Signs - $24,903.35

        • Double-sided, photo-real graphics

        • Cloud-Based Software Included FREE for Lifetime of Product.

        • Displays 3 Lines of 7.3” tall characters with approximately 16-20 characters per line

        • Variable fonts and text sizes up to 25.1” tall

        • Powder Coated Paint (on pedestal in the event of graffiti)

        • Lifetime warrantee on face and structure of the sign

        • Install is not included, but having a local contractor (or JCOS parent) helps keep cost down

  • Winter Market - November 2017 (open to public):  Jennifer LeDuc

  • Spring Market - April 2018 (open to public):  Jennifer LeDuc


  • Chains Trip Funding Proposal by Cecily Babish - $250 Approved

May Agenda Items

  • Suits and Slippers - October 2017

Leadership Committee/Circle

  • Per will be the second 6th grade teacher next year.  This creates an opening for 4th/5th grade advisor.

  • Pre-Walkabout opening as well.  

  • District is moving to 6th through 8th grade middle schools.

  • Tentative April 20, 2017, at 6 p.m. is the next Circle meeting.  Intent is to have Circle be a parent-led entity.


  • No announcements at this time.

Next Meeting

05/09/2017 5:30 PM, Jefferson County Open School’s Library

Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.